Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Up With...

That silly commercial with the falling shoes? It is actually a car commercial, but I just cannot get over it. First, why would I want the sky to rain shoes (unless it was J. Choo or the like). I know. I am not girly enough to appreciate that thought. Second, if it were to happen, how could I make sure they match or that they are even in my size before I toss them into the trunk? Huh? How could I? Finally, if you wanted to promote the size of a trunk, I wouldn't go with shoes. They are not that big, unless you are *Person*. Please! Enough with the dumb commercials. There is imagination and complete stupidity. This is complete stupidity. Marketing annoyance or stupidity is great only if I remember your product and I don't. So, it didn't work.

I also caught an annoying commercial last night for some asthma medicine last night where the woman is a silhouette only and you cannot see her face clearly. That is irritating. It made me breathless trying to figure out who in the world it was. Was that the idea?

What commercials annoy you?

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