Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seven Days

I am Jessica and I am an addict. It has been seven days since my last Starbuck's bar drink. The first week was the hardest.

I'm in no way making fun of those with serious addictions and I am in no way kidding. I was/am literally addicted to vanilla mochas and mocha fraps. I easily spent 90% of my "fun money" at Starbucks. Was it fun? Did I enjoy it? Yes, but still. I was hitting Starbucks twice a day and I don't have to tell you how quickly that adds up. I've decided that I can have coffee, even Starbucks coffee, but I had to get it in check.

So, for weeks I attempted to replicate the mocha. WEEKS! I tried everything I thought might work, but no luck. Finally, I got guidance from my barista. Seriously, why didn't I ask before? Now, I cannot find my espresso maker because it is in a box and I had to improvise a bit. After a bit of guidance I finally did it! Each day it improved. This morning, it is perfect! Now, I can add the whip! Since I have labored over this for weeks, I will be happy to share my recipe with anyone who wants it. Email me at jesstadlock@gmail.com

Aside from that, we have been up to quite a bit lately. We went camping this past weekend. I am taking a photography class. All things I'd like to elaborate on, but I have to get to work. Bleah! I'll check back. Hopefully, it won't be another month! :)