Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've Got Jitters!

Nearly EVERYTHING makes me anxious or nervous. So, why should this be any different? I've got a work dinner tonight. Certainly not my first meal with a client, but IPES! This time...co-counsel.

The purpose of the meeting/dinner is to celebrate the successful settlement of a yucky issue and to establish a rapport with the attorneys from a local firm. I've learned that referrals are pertinent to the business and building relationships to accomplish that is a priority. So, it is a great idea.

Personally, I am terrified. I'm just me. I'm not an attorney. So, right there, I'm an odd ball. Next, there will only be four of us total, which means the likelihood I'll have to open my mouth is great. CRAP! In these settings, I try to blend in with the tablecloth. Now what! Talk about politics? I hope not. Other current events? Maybe, but I doubt they'd be interested in my daughter's Halloween costume or the piece I heard on NPR the other morning about college drinking.

Add another layer of anxiety by going to Morton's. I love Morton's, by the way. It certainly isn't a restaurant I frequent. I'm always anxious by going in to those places. I know they know I don't belong right away. I might trip down their stairs. I might spill my water or food. What if I get something stuck in my teeth?! Who will tell me? BREATHE.

I know. I am being silly. I appreciate the opportunity to go and I know my boss would not ask me to go if he thought I would embarrass him. I just cannot help it. I've got to get it together. I have to go skim the paper and catch up!

Have a good day and I'll let you know what I screwed up tomorrow. Ha. Ha.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Project Runway-Like Task!

Okay, now I've been working slowly, very slowly, on Sydney's Halloween costume. Now, with four days left to go, I'm almost in Project Runway mode. I've got to get on the stick and sew, sew, sew! The sewing machine I'm using, which is quite old and abused, has now decided to stop back stitching all together. It needs maintenance for sure, but I don't have the time. This could be a disaster, folks. :) I just keep thinking..at least she'll have a dress and wings!

After this, I'm taking that thing apart! I know I'd use it more often if this machine weren't so persnickety! With the economy as it is, I've held off purchasing a new one, but maybe I should. What do you think? Refurbish the old one or pitch it for a new one? I'd like to start doing my own alterations to save us a ton of money. It almost seems like it would be a huge savings for me to just invest in my own, but maybe I just making excuses to buy a new one.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm excited to report that I caught Nathan standing, unassisted, TWICE today. My little man is just growing growing. He is also just about ready for his first haircut. Wow!

My sister and I made a killer dinner this weekend for the family. The menu:

Coq Au Vin
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Mixed Veggies
Homemade Rolls (Yay!)
Raspberry Ripple Cake

We cooked ALL day, but I think it was worth the effort.

Today, I'm just hangin' out with my babies while Marc works.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One More Day

I'm pretty happy that today is Thursday. It has been an odd week.

Nathan's at the doctor's office with Dad right now. He's had really bad diapers and a rash for a few days. We're not sure what is going on, but we feel just terrible for him.

Sydney is up to her antics, which is becoming par for the course these days. I think her theme song this week is, "No! I don't want to!" or "I didn't make the mess!" Good grief. I'd reached my boiling point with her last night when she almost caused me to fall head first into the tub when I was trying to get Nathan out of the tub. She wasn't trying to hurt me or him and was just excited about getting in the tub. I yelled at her. I feel badly about it and I did apologize. I hate it when that happens.

I was so exhausted from yesterday's annoyances that I ended up going to bed at 8pm. Thankfully I did because Nathan woke me up at 3am. He's gotten into that pattern again and I'm wondering if we'll ever get to sleep through the night again. Poor little guy has his stomach issues and teething all at once. He's still smiling through it, mostly.

So, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. We're spending it with family. That is always good.

Well, I'm off to find something to do. As if that is hard! :)

Have a good day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lookin' For Ideas

What do you like to eat when you are feeling blah? Snacky things. Preferably things with a shelf life.

Any input would be great! Thanks!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sleep, My Love

I climbed into your bed last night despite fear that I would wake you. More and more I worry less about things like that. I just wanted to watch you sleep for a while and listen to you breathe.

I was surprised at how brightly your nightlight shone on your face. I wondered how you could sleep at all. You were soundly sleeping though and didn't know I was there. I snuggled as closely as I could without disturbing you. It is hard to believe that you have grown so quickly, both of you. I wondered to myself how my first baby had sprouted into a tiny little lady in just three years. You aren't nearly as feisty while you sleep. :) Instead, you are a still and quiet doll. My Sydney paused for just a few short hours. I wondered about your dreams. I kissed your tiny head and hand.

I couldn't help but think about how lucky I am. Earlier in the evening, Nathan was snuggled on my shoulder while I rocked him. His tiny little hand grasping my pendant, any attempt to remove it from a half-asleep Nathan would result in major protest. No doubt it is his way of keeping me close when he closes his eyes. So lucky am I, with two sweet babes and a loving husband.

I never knew life could be so sweet.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday! Woo Hoo!

I'm sitting in my office freezing! I'm drinking hot coffee for the first time in a while and it isn't helping. I just have this chill that won't go away. Nutty.

So, this weekend sounds like it will be pretty, but cold. I can almost hear ice cracking when I think about the upcoming season and I don't like it. Time to roll out the blankets and snuggle. That I do like. I plan on working on Syd's costume, shopping a bit for b-day gifts, visiting another pumpkin patch (we'll come home with one this time) and celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe! WOW!

Life really is just so fleeting and short. A dear friend's wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, they believe they have caught it early and all of the reports have been great thus far; however, it really made me stop and think, as so many things do. First, I immediately thought about how worried this woman and her family must be. Second, I was reminded that in this economy, as scary as things appear or could get, it could very easily be worse! Third, I just want to run and hug my hubby and kids. I'm so thankful for my family and friends and NOTHING is more important. Lastly, I thought about this woman and my thoughts of her. I think this particular woman is extremely fascinating and I've always wanted to spend more time with her, like so many other people and she probably doesn't even know that I think this. So, I should change that right? So far, I've just sent her a few pop-in emails. I know she'll be facing radiation soon and I'd like to do something nice for her, but I'm just not sure what. Any ideas?

Well, I hope you have a great weekend! I've got lots of pics to post. I know, I know. Marc took over 1,000 photos off the camera last week. There were photos of Jess and Rachael and you all know how long ago that was (June/July). Rachael, by the way, you are ALWAYS welcome and we would love to schedule another attempt as soon as everyone is well. :)

Allie-I cannot believe it! I'm almost afraid to say it, but I've used Ivory soap for four days straight and my face is clearing up!!! I cannot believe it. Could it be a fluke? I don't know, but we'll soon see.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?!

Holy cow! I cannot believe it is Thursday already (one week since my last post). Well, the end of last week was rough as I was sick.

The weekend consisted of me cooking, cooking, visiting the pumpkin patch with Allie and having some buds over from Alaska! Yes, Alaska! BTW-everyone wants to know what they think of Sara Palin. The answer, they like her. I won't hold it against them. :) Seriously, Peter and Julia we enjoyed having you and hope to visit you in Alaska at some point.

Monday, I spent a lovely day with my babes. Marc worked until 2pm and I hung out at home with the kids. Sydney and I cooked dinner together and then we all hit the park after Marc got home. We've had absolutely amazing weather the past few days and I'm just taking in as much as possible because I know the chill is just around the bend. ICK!

We've been busy busy at work this week, which is great. I love to be a busy girl there. It has also limited my time for surfin' the net so, I apologize for not getting to all my regular pages lately. I am thinking of you all. Ruh-I'm so glad you had a great surprise! I was thinking of you all weekend! Rach-I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and couldn't make it up, but I hope you are better now. Allie-Thanks again for coming out. I had such a good time with you and, again, your muffins were a hit!

Nathan had his 9 month check up last night, which went very well. Little man has ANOTHER tooth coming in, which makes three. He's going to be walking very very soon. We anticipate him taking his first steps before Christmas gets here. Sydney and I also got our flu shots while we were at the doctor's office. I'm so glad they offer that service. What a time saver!

I hope you have a great day! Take care! I'm off to get some things done. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Already!

Holy crap! I cannot believe it is Thursday already. This week has totally slipped right on by and I'm, surprise, behind! :)

I've been working on the dreaded grocery list this morning. I really despise the grocery store, except Wegman's! I love Wegman's, but only if I can go while the kids are calm or without them. They have the neatest stuff! I rarely go because it is more expensive and it is out of my normal circle of travel.

So, how 'bout them banks?! What a mess, yeah? Thankfully, we don't have enough money to worry about them. :) We have decided, however, to take this opportunity to switch banks. We've been shoppin' shoppin' and we've finally selected a bank. Isn't it great? I love new things. I'm going to enjoy the new bank (free checking, interest savings and checking, mail in deposits, free atms...). There is always a bit of annoyance in the beginning though. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

MK closure! I decided, after three years, to shut the doors on the MK business. I got into the business because I used so much of it and it just made sense for me. Now, since my face has gone ape on me, I've not used much of it and it has become more of a nuisance than anything. So, I said forget it. I do have a few products left in my inventory so, if anyone would like the remaining items, speak up. I'll give them to you at cost, plus shipping. I think I've got combo oily 3-1 wash and lotion, even essence, age fighting eye cream and a blush or two.

Well, I'm off. I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Facebook Fun

I joined Facebook a short while ago at a friend's request. I have found so many people that I know and am having such a good time with it. I don't have the opportunity to blog there, but I at least get to check in with everyone briefly everyday to see where they are and what they are doing. If you haven't signed up, you should check it out. :)

What a chilly morning! This morning had a very rough start and I was agitated even more by the chilly temperature. I start wishing for hibernation about this time each year. :) Lucky for me, my hubby got me out of my "mood" this morning and I'm off. See, HE is really a positive force in my life. LOVE YOU, BABE!

Well, I'm off for now. Thanks for the suggestions about the crazy spice.

Take care,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cardamom Pods? Are They Really the Bee's Knees?

Seriously?! Recently, I've seen cardamom listed in several recipes. SO, I decided to add it to my grocery list to give it a try. That was until I got to the store and saw that one tiny little bottle was $13! I passed right on by. Again today, I saw it listed in another recipe. Is it worth it? Have you tried it? Should I suck it up and buy it? I love to try new things, but $13 for that?! What if I don't like it?


Wow! We had a whirlwind weekend. How about you?

Friday night, we ran a few errands and then had a nice dinner at home. Saturday, we spent the morning cleaning, made banana bread and then hit a b-day party. Syd's buddy, Gabriella, turned 4. After we got home, we tucked this kids into bed and watched 'Made of Honor.' Cute movie! Sunday, we got up bright and early, even though Nate kept us up all night. We drove downtown and participated in the 2008 Walk for Animals hosted by the DC Humane Society. It was a blast. The weather was perfect and the kids were fantastic. We grabbed lunch at Olley's Trolley and then, headed to Sean's third b-day party. After that, we headed home, gave the kids a bath, tucked them into bed and started packing for school. Whew! :) Great weekend!

SO, kids say the silliest things. We all know this yet, it still surprises us. This morning we were driving to school and Sydney breaks the silence with, "Mom, we don't drink from the potty. Right?" Now, you can imagine my expression. I then slowly respond, "Uh..right." Another few moments pass. "We only go potty in the potty right?" Syd asks. I give the same response. Then I follow up, "Why? Who told you about drinking from the potty?" I was holding my breath hoping that she'd heard someone telling their dog not to drink from the potty or something similar. Instead, I got no response, just silence. I didn't press. What in the world? YUCKO!

I will leave you with that! :) Have a great day! Oh...yay! I just realized I get my produce list today! YAY! YAY! Oh yes! I forgot to mention that the SKINS won again this weekend! I'm thrilled. I'm peeved I missed the game because I had the wrong time in mind, but I wouldn't have made it anyway. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Nathan's New Tooth!

Yes, Nathan cut another tooth this week. The little tike is progressing right along and I fear that walking is not far away. He's still containable. What are we going to do when he's all over the house? I remember how excited we were that Sydney started walking, until we realized what that meant. Ha ha.

Yes, my little boy is moving right along and his personality is cracking me up. To show his affection for something, he head butts. Seriously, when one would traditionally hug, Nathan head butts. This week we caught him doing this to a toy on the exer-saucer. It was hysterical. Last night and the night before, he was determined to give mommy a migraine. :) What a way to get one though! :) He's so silly.

I made no progress on the costume last night. I was much too busy watching the debate last night. Boy! What a show! That is all I will say. BTW-Next Presidential debate is next Tuesday night.

The weekend is gearing up and it will be a busy one. We've got two b-day parties and the Humane Society walk. I like to be busy, but I think we may have too much, as usual. :) It is a lovely habit of mine. I've been fighting a cold with all my might and I just want it to go away. I'm sure it will be a nice weekend, despite the business.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Also, if you haven't heard of Fancast.com, you should check it out. I just watched a condensed episode of The Daily Show for the first part of my lunch. Now THAT is cool! :) They have a lot of recent episodes of other shows. Generally, I've watched back episodes directly from the station site, but I heard about this and decided to give it a try.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At Least She Can Fly!

Update on the Halloween costume! Don't I lead an exciting life? :) I managed to cut the pieces for the wings last night. I was so nervous b/c there were multiple folds and lots of pins involved. Whew! Took me an hour, but at least it is done. I still haven't figured out the other pieces yet. Ha ha. Only 28 days to go.

Well, enough of that fun stuff. So, we've been talking for a while now about the concerning state of the economy and the increase in gas prices and grocery goods. It is getting real people, seriously. It has been feared for a while, but now, it is knocking on the door. I am SOOOO GLAD we decided against the new car purchase. SOOOOO glad. Yes, my little Civic is eight years old, but thankfully, she's been good to me. Hang in there girly. Let's add Christmas in there, which is just a short 12 weeks away. Eye-eye-eye!

We have a funny little lady in our office that, for years, has been so over the top. I SWEAR she'd count paperclips and rubberbands before she'd let you get another box. It has been sometimes funny, sometimes irritating and sometimes very infuriating. We'll that is how I'm going to get in my house. :) We might even go the Sheryl Crow way and ration two squares per bathroom visit. I still don't see how that is possible. I'm just saying that Mama's going to start cracking down a bit harder on our already tight budget. Any suggestions?

Hey! Have you checked the pressure of your tires recently? If not, it can save you up to 3% in gas! :) Sure, for me, that is $54.60 a year, but that is a dinner or two out right? What if you drive a larger vehicle? It could be twice as much! Think about it. :) More importantly, if we all do it, we save the country a ton of gas. Now THAT is something to smile about.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reinforcements Required?

Last night I decided to pull out my costume sewing project and get to work. I'm scared! It took me an hour and a half to cut out the pattern, which consists of 12 or 13 different pieces and 4 or 5 different fabrics. I think I've really gotten myself into it.

After cutting all the pieces, which probably took me so long because I was chasing Sydney back to bed every then minutes, I decided to read the directions. Step 1-cutting the fabric..ALREADY LOST! I'm going to look at it again tonight. I'm hoping my eyes were just tired last night. Thank goodness it is only the 1st!

Yay! It is produce delivery day! I'm so excited. I'm such a geek.

It is going to be quite a weekend. We have two birthday parties and a Humane Society walk. Hmm..wonder when we will get our chores done. Oops.

Hope you guys have a great day!