Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That's Not A Knife!


I only asked for one for my birthday and I wound up with SIX awesome kick butt knives from GLOBAL. They are wonderful! I KNOW they will improve my cooking skills. :) Ha ha! I sound like *PERSON* trying to improve his golf game by buying better clubs. Nonetheless, I am totally excited!
Yes, I was completely spoiled for my birthday this year, as always. From knives to clothes to money and lots of b-day wishes, it was grand! Thank you! Thank you!
Well, I did it again. I ditzed out this morning. I ran out of the house this morning wearing my Turbie Twist. Seriously. I wonder how I even make it through the day sometimes. When I realized that my hair was still so wet, I had no choice, but to attempt to dry my hair with the vents in my car. Surprisingly, it worked rather well. Of course, "style dry" isn't an option on the dash so, I had to go with the "windblown 80's reject" setting. Hey! My hair was nearly dry and I won't get sick. I actually think that is a myth anyway. Traffic was horrific this morning and I'm sure I provided some entertainment to my fellow commuters. You know, whatever I can do. :)
I got an email this morning about our firm in-house holiday party/happy hour. We'll have it here in the office and it will be just employees. I like getting dressed up for our holiday party each year, but I'm looking forward to the quiet low-key gathering. It is more my style anyway. Large crowds really make me anxious and cross. I don't know what it is, but I have to have my personal space or I will go nuts. This concerns me about the inauguration. If we do actually manage to get tickets, I wonder if I will be hyperventilating the whole time. :)
Oh! Oh! I am on the list to see the White House decorations this year. That is way exciting, isn't it? :) Shenan's Uncle Betty has the hookup. Uncle Betty? Yeah, I know. Strange. I'm so looking forward to it. It will be magical. :) Don't laugh at me! It is very cool.
Well, I have to check in with everyone since I've been off the blog for a bit.
Have a great day!

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Christie said...

Oh, Ihope you get the tickets. How fun would that be - I'm sure you could handle the crowds just to be there!