Friday, December 19, 2008

She's Makin' A List..

That's right. I've got a running list of to-dos right now, as I'm sure all of you do. I find it fun in some ways. It prevents me from wandering around aimlessly right? Yep.

Well, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to see if the last minute gifts I ordered arrive in time for Christmas. I was too cheap to expedite the shipping and I'm wondering if I'm going to regret it. In my defense, their estimate of delivery said I had time. We'll see. At this rate, I'm thinking better late than never.

I chucked the idea of Christmas cards this year. Just not enough time. I've instead opted for New Year cards. :) See, I'm doing my own thing this year. I generally do. So, thank you for all the lovely cards I've received. I am enjoying them and will send one out soon. I haven't forgotten you. :)

Then, there is the b-day invite. Yes, we've hemmed and hawed over that one long enough. I finally just decided that we would have Nate's b-day party at our house, wherever that may be, and keep it very low key. We didn't have many options. He's too young for Chuck E Cheese and, to be perfectly honest, I hate that place. I'm avoiding it like the plague. I know it won't be long before Sydney is begging me to have a party there. Although, she's now asking to have her next party at the Fun Bounce center. I think I can get on board with that. What a great idea! Take a room full of kids, throw them in a moon bounce, have them bounce until their tongues are going to fall out, let them eat and send them home. By the time they get home, if they can wait that long, they are ready for a nap. See! Perfect!

Well, I'm dying for a mocha or a latte, but there's no way to get one today. I guess I'll have to settle for a cup of coffee or a coke. I really should drink water instead. It is better for me.

Have a great day! Happy Friday!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

oooh the New Years' cards idea sounds fantastic. You've got me thinking seriously about that one! See, I am too busy between now and Christmas, and over the actual Christmas weekend I have NO plans so I would have time to actually write them....hmmmm I just may do it! :)

Happy Friday to you - I hope that your packages arrive safely and on TIME!

Courtney said...

Good luck on the on time shipping. I got all mine early when they said it'd be here by a certain date. In fact I didn't think my dad's would be here on time based on their shipping times and he got his yesterday (since I thought it would be late I had it shipped directly to his house!)

Have a good weekend.

Angela said...

Our Christmas cards may not get to anyone until after, because my husband was in charge of mailing them and he can't seem to remember