Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays!

So, I, like many, have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I've been drinking hot chocolate, which helps A LOT! :) So, we started decorating last night. Sydney was so excited, which really got me excited. Kids can be so cute. She would have stayed up all night, but we sent her to bed at 9pm.

We've decorated the mantle, hung wreaths and gussied up a baby tree. Marc plans to put lights up outside, I believe. Did I seriously just type "gussied"? Yes, I did. Oh wow! Hmm. Anyway, we may purchase a live tree this year, but we'll see. I should know for sure in a day or so.

My new knife case arrived last night. Thank you, Rachel! I was just putting the knives in the case and the blade of one just barely touched my thumb and it started to bleed. These knives are so sharp. I couldn't believe it. I adore these knives, but I can see I am going to have to be VERY respectful and cautious.

I almost always drink the cold Starbucks Fraps. I buy them at Costco and allow myself one per day. Well, it is finally cold enough that I had to pull out the coffee maker. That is one perk of colder weather, I guess. It certainly isn't as convenient, but it does taste good. Especially now that I put cinnamon over the coffee grounds before it brews. My mother-in-law taught me that and I think it is so yummy. You should try it. I bet nutmeg would be good also.

Tonight, I think we'll put together the gingerbread train. :) Sydney will like that!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I've already had two cups of coffee today and it is only 9:45. Can't wait until 11 to have a third. (Dr Oz says we can have 24 oz a day safely so I am all for it! :)

Have fun on the gingerbread train!

Courtney said...

I am going to try that with my coffee now. Glad you got around to decorating for Syd.

Angela said...

We picked up a train too and my son keeps asking to put it together.
We are going to put it together next week probably