Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I Know Is I Am On My Way!

Where am I goin'?

I don't know

Where am I headin'?

I ain't certain

All I know Is I am on my way
That's right! We're moving. We put our house up again just a few short weeks before Thanksgiving and within two weeks, we got an offer. We were floored. We've waited all this time to tell anyone because we just assumed it would fall out, but the inspections and appraisals have been completed and all went well. So, now, we're thinking we are actually going to move.
Given that we were caught off guard a bit and surprised by a clean appraisal, we haven't had the opportunity to look at new homes. Also, given the condition of the market, it takes forever to close a loan and we've less than a month to find and close on a new home. So, we're going to take the slow poke fashion and rent for a bit until we can find our next home. I hadn't even looked at those! I'm doing that tonight.
Our closing date is January 5th and it is bittersweet. Right now, mostly bitter for me. I'm sad about leaving this house. This was our first purchase together, where we had our babies and where my puppy and birds died. :( I'm not looking forward to a rental, no matter how brief of a stay. There is just something wonderful about having your own home.
On the upside, since the market has completely bottomed out, we are hoping to get into a single family home! Since the prices have plummeted, we think we can actually get one. Of course, that cuts both ways!
So, I'm painting my wagon, wondering where our next home will be and trying to smile through the change I hate! :) Yes, I hate change, even when it is good.


Alex Hall said...

I knew it! That's what I was going to guess...really, it was. I'm so excited for you guys! Good luck in the house hunt!

Courtney said...


Rach said...

I was RIGHT!! Congratulations! Moving is so hard. Good luck finding the perfect new home! :o)