Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost A Year!

So, Nathan will be turning a year old in less than a month. I cannot believe it. I had to jot down a few things before I'm feeble:

1. Nathan has five teeth and one on the way.

2. Nathan is now fully walking and tries to run every now and then. As long as there is nothing in his way, he's fine.

3. I heard him say "bye" yesterday for the first time and he tried to say okay today, but it sounded like "oh ka."

4. He loves to play hide and seek, especially with my curtains.

5. He grunts loudly when he wants to get down from the table.

6. He loves to snuggle and has the sweetest chubby cheeks.

7. He cannot stand it when his daddy leaves the room.

8. He still loves to headbutt as a sign of affection.

9. He knows when he's about to do something you won't like (i.e. go for an outlet). He gets grins, takes a step or two and turns around to make sure you are watching.

10. He likes to growl like a bear.

11. He ADORES his sister, even when she's obviously hurting him.

12. He's got a fierce temper. Wanna see? Just take something away he wants.

13. He loves to take a bath.

14. He HATES putting on his coat.

15. He's stolen the hearts of all the girls and teachers at school.

My little squishy boy. I love you so much!

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Courtney said...

I can't believe he's going to be one all ready! Holy cow time flies!