Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa 2008

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Gist

The White House was pretty neat, but I was a bit disappointed in the decorations. I was expecting to be knocked over, but nope. It was still quite beautiful.

We took the keys this weekend for the new rental. We've decided that we are going to paint a bit and have the carpets cleaned. Yes, these people lucked out when they rented to us. I cannot stand the massive amount of wall marks. Who knew I would turn into my mother? :) Other than that, we're going to just hang out and wait.

Jess, we will have all mail forwarded, but we should get the card. Technically, we don't leave Mtn until the 5th.

Syd and Nathan were both sick this weekend. Yuck. Syd had some yucky stomach bug. I was trapped at the house with the two of them alone sans chicken soup. I waited until I thought the puking had passed and ran quickly to the Rite Aid. So much for that. Syd ended up vomiting on the floor of Rite Aid and, before I knew it, I was scrubbing the floor of Rite Aid. What a shining moment! Poor Sydney.

We did lots more packing this weekend and wrapping! I'm almost ready. ALMOST!

Well, I'm off to make lots of calls to the utility companies. Have a great day!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cannot Sleep

It is 3:30am and I can't sleep. It could be the snoring or the kicking munchkin in my bed or the excitement of seeing the inside of the White House today, but I just cannot stay asleep.

We signed a lease today for a temporary house. Whew! That is a relief. It is nice to know that we will actually have somewhere to go. I forgot what a pain it is to rent. The first check was a whopping amount (security deposit of one month, prorated December, pet deposit and first month's rent). I'm supposed to get the keys and garage openers tomorrow. It was such a challenge to find someone that would allow us to rent for six months. We, of course, had to pay a premium for that "luxury." Reminder to self-means to an end.

My Mrs. Prindables snack apples arrived yesterday. I'm so glad. Sydney will have fun passing them to her teachers. We ordered the full size apples last year and they looked really good, but they were about the size of a giant grapefruit. These are actually normal size.

Well, I'm going to take advantage of this sleepless night and putz around on Shutterfly...a thing I never get to do.

Sleep well!

Friday, December 19, 2008

She's Makin' A List..

That's right. I've got a running list of to-dos right now, as I'm sure all of you do. I find it fun in some ways. It prevents me from wandering around aimlessly right? Yep.

Well, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to see if the last minute gifts I ordered arrive in time for Christmas. I was too cheap to expedite the shipping and I'm wondering if I'm going to regret it. In my defense, their estimate of delivery said I had time. We'll see. At this rate, I'm thinking better late than never.

I chucked the idea of Christmas cards this year. Just not enough time. I've instead opted for New Year cards. :) See, I'm doing my own thing this year. I generally do. So, thank you for all the lovely cards I've received. I am enjoying them and will send one out soon. I haven't forgotten you. :)

Then, there is the b-day invite. Yes, we've hemmed and hawed over that one long enough. I finally just decided that we would have Nate's b-day party at our house, wherever that may be, and keep it very low key. We didn't have many options. He's too young for Chuck E Cheese and, to be perfectly honest, I hate that place. I'm avoiding it like the plague. I know it won't be long before Sydney is begging me to have a party there. Although, she's now asking to have her next party at the Fun Bounce center. I think I can get on board with that. What a great idea! Take a room full of kids, throw them in a moon bounce, have them bounce until their tongues are going to fall out, let them eat and send them home. By the time they get home, if they can wait that long, they are ready for a nap. See! Perfect!

Well, I'm dying for a mocha or a latte, but there's no way to get one today. I guess I'll have to settle for a cup of coffee or a coke. I really should drink water instead. It is better for me.

Have a great day! Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus! Here Comes Santa Claus!

One week to go! Feel the pressure yet? I know I do. I headed home after work yesterday and had to stop at Tarjay for some Santa wrapping paper. Yes, I know. Sydney picks up on every detail so, I figure we had to get dedicated Santa paper. So much for getting rid of all of the paper this year.

I then raced to the mall to get my new pants altered. Mom gave them to me on my b-day, which was THREE weeks ago. My how time flies. Since they are really nice pants, I didn't want to risk messing them up. Yay! I'm excited.

I picked the kids up last night and was told to take Nathan to the doctor. The new teacher suspected a problem. I'll spare you the yucky details, but let's just say, he's fine and there is nothing wrong. Thank goodness! He does have another tooth coming in. From now on, he is "Chops."

We didn't get home until nearly 8pm. Sydney ate her KFC (I'm such a good mom! NOT!) and Nathan had a bit of pasta, cheese and two bites of a soft taco. The kids went to bed shortly after Nate's bath and I ate my really cold and soggy nachos. Mmmm. Before I knew it 10pm rolled around and I jumped into bed.

Well, Marc is sick today. Sorry. :(

Tonight, I've got another apt with our realtor to find a place to live. I'm starting to get a little stressed now. Turns out the lovely house I wanted will only take a year lease, which wasn't the plan. So, we're back to the drawing board. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost A Year!

So, Nathan will be turning a year old in less than a month. I cannot believe it. I had to jot down a few things before I'm feeble:

1. Nathan has five teeth and one on the way.

2. Nathan is now fully walking and tries to run every now and then. As long as there is nothing in his way, he's fine.

3. I heard him say "bye" yesterday for the first time and he tried to say okay today, but it sounded like "oh ka."

4. He loves to play hide and seek, especially with my curtains.

5. He grunts loudly when he wants to get down from the table.

6. He loves to snuggle and has the sweetest chubby cheeks.

7. He cannot stand it when his daddy leaves the room.

8. He still loves to headbutt as a sign of affection.

9. He knows when he's about to do something you won't like (i.e. go for an outlet). He gets grins, takes a step or two and turns around to make sure you are watching.

10. He likes to growl like a bear.

11. He ADORES his sister, even when she's obviously hurting him.

12. He's got a fierce temper. Wanna see? Just take something away he wants.

13. He loves to take a bath.

14. He HATES putting on his coat.

15. He's stolen the hearts of all the girls and teachers at school.

My little squishy boy. I love you so much!

Happy Happy Day!

Wow! It is one week before Christmas Eve. How are things coming along on your end?

Marc and I sat down last night and wrapped gifts while watching NCIS. It was such a nice evening. We put a pretty good dent in the wrapping. We are very slow wrappers. So, I decided to use up all of the wrapping paper I had. To not use it would be very wasteful. I wondered what I was thinking when I bought some of this paper. I found a few rolls at the bottom of the tub that are just...well..ugly. I'm sure I thought it was okay at the time and I am sure it was on sale. Most likely it was the paper left after Christmas has come and gone. That was typically when I would buy my paper. I'm sure I had grand plans of dolling it up with ribbons and bows, but five years passed and I wouldn't have time for such things. :)

Sydney had a ball last night looking at all of my potions and elixirs (translation: crap under the sink). I started packing all of my unnecessary items last night and was amazed it took TWO boxes to hold all of that junk. I couldn't help but remember the days when I used to sit at my makeup table and do hair, nails, makeup and kissy faces. Stop laughing! You know you did it too. Now, I don't have time for that stuff. I have other priorities like reading stories, tickling and snuggling. Yes, I look worse, but I feel better. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Well, I'm off to get busy. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nothing to Report

I'm really starting to get overwhelmed with the stuff going on. I will probably be fairly absent over the next few weeks.

I do have to mention:

We pulled out our nativity scene a bit ago. My grandmother bought it for me several years ago and that is why I love it. Sydney started pulling out each figure and asked me to identify each one. I would and then, she would repeat the names after me. The conversation ended like this:

Who is this, mommy?

Baby Jesus.

Baby Cheeses?

Yes, that's it. Baby Cheeses. *Laugh*

We went to a party this past weekend. The hostess was telling me that her son believes a nice couple down the street is Mary and Joseph coming to visit for Christmas, mainly because of their attire and the fact that they do a lot of walking in the winter. She said she didn't have the heart to explain it because he gets so excited whenever they pass by their house. During the same conversation, of course, I had to share my "Baby Cheeses" story (while eating, don't kill me, cheesecake). Sydney was within earshot and heard me talking about it.

Baby Cheeses?

Yes, Baby Cheeses lives nearby and... he made this cheesecake.


Yep. In fact, his mom and dad helped him. They live close by too. Neat huh?

*Affirmative Nod*

I know it. Don't say it. Just take it for what it is and NOTHING more. I'm just a very sarcastic person.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend has gone by in a blink. I cannot decide yet if it was productive.

Friday night-ate pork chops, tucked the kids in, watched part of a movie and got up a few times bc Nate did.

Saturday-got up with Syd, did the shower and dance, hit McD's for a quick breakfast, made a return at Bestbuy, dropped off a towel donation at the vet's office, hit Tarjay with Syd, stopped by Costco, ran to Safeway, had lunch at home, tried to get the kids to nap, started packing, hit Rack Room shoes and Nordstrom, got dressed, went to a holiday party for work with the fam, came home tucked in the beds, finished the movie from the night before, picked a few movies for the BB list, doened some Pepto (stomach was killing meY and hit the hay.

Today-got up, had breakfastN continued packing, shower and dance, hit the mall with the kids dolled up to find a three hour wait for Santa (not today), tried to go to the tailor and finish shopping, but Syd had a meltdown so we left, ate cheesy brats at home for lunch, Marc tried to get the kids to take a nap while I continued packing, I left to look at some rental properties, put away some clothes, fed Nate, ordered pizza, gave Nate a bath, rocked Nate while he had his night bottle and...here I am. Whew!

We will hopefully get the laundry finished, some more packing done and school bags loaded before bed. Keep your fingers crossed.


Friday, December 12, 2008


How cute is it that Shenan and Ashley showed up today, completely unexpected, to take me to lunch?! It was a thank you for decorating last weekend. What a sweet way to thank me! It was so much fun. I hated going back to work. :( Bummer. I'd rather play with them for the rest of the day!

Oh and how could I forget to mention the fudge? My sister made peanut butter fudge for me! My mom also sent a cute Santa Baby t-shirt and socks for me and little surprises for the kids. We are so easy to dress! :)

Happy Friday indeed!

Happy Friday!

Wow! This week just blew right by me. I suspect the weekend will do the same.

It appears as though it will be a somewhat busy day at work today, which is great. I'll take it! Tomorrow is the firm get together and we may take the babes to see Santa. Otherwise, it will be grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, Costco lugging and packing! :) The best part, we'll do it together. Marc doesn't have to work this weekend and I am so glad about it! Hmmm...it might be time to throw in the Bull Run lights. That was a lot of fun last year. I have no doubt we'll come up with something.

Looks like there will be no snow here today. Boo! I guess it is actually for the best, but I am anxious to see some pretty white trees and I don't want it when we are trying to move. That would not be fun.

Every morning this week I've listened to the traffic report while brushing my teeth and I've heard the same advertisement for Rolex. Around the holidays, I am used to hearing such commercials but this one really stands out. I almost find it distasteful of Rolex to advertise like that in this market. Am I just being a hater? I suppose I am. I just keep hearing about pay cuts, job loss, foreclosures, loss of retirement funds, etc. Random thought, I guess.

Well, I'm off. I hope you guys have a stupendous weekend! That's right! STUPENDOUS! I love that word. I need to use it more often. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I Know Is I Am On My Way!

Where am I goin'?

I don't know

Where am I headin'?

I ain't certain

All I know Is I am on my way
That's right! We're moving. We put our house up again just a few short weeks before Thanksgiving and within two weeks, we got an offer. We were floored. We've waited all this time to tell anyone because we just assumed it would fall out, but the inspections and appraisals have been completed and all went well. So, now, we're thinking we are actually going to move.
Given that we were caught off guard a bit and surprised by a clean appraisal, we haven't had the opportunity to look at new homes. Also, given the condition of the market, it takes forever to close a loan and we've less than a month to find and close on a new home. So, we're going to take the slow poke fashion and rent for a bit until we can find our next home. I hadn't even looked at those! I'm doing that tonight.
Our closing date is January 5th and it is bittersweet. Right now, mostly bitter for me. I'm sad about leaving this house. This was our first purchase together, where we had our babies and where my puppy and birds died. :( I'm not looking forward to a rental, no matter how brief of a stay. There is just something wonderful about having your own home.
On the upside, since the market has completely bottomed out, we are hoping to get into a single family home! Since the prices have plummeted, we think we can actually get one. Of course, that cuts both ways!
So, I'm painting my wagon, wondering where our next home will be and trying to smile through the change I hate! :) Yes, I hate change, even when it is good.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Marc and I have big news. What could it be? I thought it would be fun to let you guess before I told you. So, what do you think?

Cars, Buses and Trains!

Well, I've been out of the serious commuting scene for a little over nine years. This morning I had the pleasure of commuting to DC from Sterling. Woo hoo! What a trip!

I hit the park and ride at 7:30am this morning to find that the main parking lot was full. Huh? Guess that is late for commuters. So, I parked at off site parking and walked three blocks where I caught the bus. Since I only had a Smartrip card, but no $ on it, I had to pay cash. One wet dollar bill wouldn't go into the machine and the line behind me seethed. Oops. Sorry.

Once on the bus, I was somewhat relieved. That was the hardest part of the trip. I got the metro station, played around with the fare machine for a while and took the first train to Metro Center, but not before having to evacuate a train because the doors would not close. Oh the memories. I hopped onto a redline train and made it to Union Station. I thought it would be much bigger since Amtrak runs there, but it was quite small. I exited the station and proceeded to walk three to four blocks to my destination where I went through security, waited in line and visited two windows before I completed my objective. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, even if it was very time consuming. The round trip of the above took FOUR hours! WOW! I've decided that my days of commuting to DC should continue to be few and far between. I will visit for fun anytime though.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

All day yesterday I looked forward to going home for a new reason: watching tv with the family. Generally, Marc and I watch tv in the evening or rent a movie, but for the most part, Sydney doesn't watch a lot of tv. In fact, during the week, the tv is rarely on in the afternoon. Sometimes on the weekend she'll watch a cartoon here and there. We've never really encouraged sitting in front of the tv, but during the week there just isn't a lot of time for tv watching. When the weather is good, Sydney goes to the playground with Dad and I cook dinner. Now that the weather is yucky and cold, she just goofs around until dinner (puzzles, coloring or beating on her brother). Then, it is bath, stories and bed.

Last night was practically the same as any other night except Sydney got to stay up late AND watch 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.' It was so much fun. We popped popcorn and snuggled in front of the fireplace. We (Sydney and I) tried to stay awake for the second Charlie Brown special, but we couldn't do it. So, we headed to bed and Marc was left to snuggle with Madison. :)

Tonight is Family Story Night at the library. I'm going to take Sydney. I hope she'll enjoy it. Next time, it will be Daddy's turn. Boo! I live for this stuff. :) Daddy is the best at playing rough and goofing around. Mommy is the best at stories, "cooking class," and crafts (OH THE HORROR!). We're equally good at hugs, kisses and snuggling. Boy! These kids sure are lucky to have us and we are so very lucky to have them.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

Thankfully I was able to decompress at work on Friday and when I picked the kids up on Friday, all was well! :)

I left work on Friday feeling pretty excited for two reasons: 1) we had the potential for a new client (big one!); and 2) I was up to something sneaky! :) Being sneaky, in a good way, is always very exciting.

Earlier in the week, I'd gotten an email from my sister. She was very overwhelmed with work and life in general. She's worked SO MUCH lately, weekends included, that she is just worn out. She mentioned in her email that she wasn't sure when they would get to decorate for Christmas and THAT is when I knew I had to step in. She and Shenan were scheduled to be out of town this past weekend for a side job and I called Mom to recruit her for the job and to make sure she had a key. Friday night, Sydney and I headed to the 'Burg for a short 22 hrs to play Santa's elves.

I met Mom and Tom at Longhorn for dinner. It was nearly 8pm and I was a bit nervous about Sydney, especially given the morning's event. She was wonderful. The food was way late being delivered and she was an absolute doll. It was a nice dinner and then we headed over to scope out Ashley's house. When we confirmed that no one was home, we headed inside. I needed Tom to help me bring the tree out of the attic. He brought the tree and a few big tubs down and we were ready for Saturday morning. We locked up and headed home for sleep as it was 9:45pm. Sydney certainly made up for herself this past weekend. She was extremely excited at the thought of decorating for Christmas. :)

The next morning, we got up, showered and headed over to get started. Not before we stopped at Starbucks! We got the tree up and had it positioned right where we wanted it and opened the tubs to look for ornaments, but there weren't any. The boxes had Christmas stuff, but evidently not all of it. I had to venture into the attic to see what else I could find. First, the attic is unfinished and I had to balance on the beams to get to the storage area. If you know me, you know that I am NOT graceful and I was just waiting to fall through the floor of their garage onto a Harley. That would not be a good surprise. I also do not think I ever want to go into that attic again. :) Scary! Next time I may not be so lucky.

After a few moments, I located a few giant tubs with more Christmas stuff and then I wondered how in the world I would get them down. Ashley and Shenan are STRONG STRONG and how they managed to get these enormous tubs up there is beyond me. I think one of the tubs weighed almost 200lbs. I'm not joking. So, Mom grabbed a garbage bag and I filled it up and passed it down. So it went for a very long time. :) Pretty soon, the house was decked and it was nearly 3pm. We were all hungry and we headed out for food and glue. Yep, something got broken and I had to fix it. I won't say what or by whom. :) She'll never know. Thankfully, it was something very small. Okay, I give. Sydney pulled the bear off an ornament. She didn't mean to do it. She is just rough with things. Thankfully that was the only casualty.

We hit Michael's after lunch and got stuff to make a wreath and a sign. We headed back to the house and worked furiously because I needed to get home. We cleaned everything up and put all of the empty boxes back into the attic. When we walked out my car was covered in wet snow. Uh-oh! The radio confirmed that it was just wet. So, I dropped Mom off and headed home. Sydney was passed out in the back seat. She was so tired from decorating that she didn't even budge when Mom kissed her goodbye. It was so sweet.

Yesterday, we had a fairly lazy day. We hung around the house until about noon and then headed out for a bit. The kids got haircuts, Nathan's first, and we walked around the mall for a bit. We did some chores and I spent the afternoon cooking or assembling. No serious cooking involved, unfortunately. It was complete bliss. This was one of the best weekends.

Just after 8pm, the phone rang. It was Ashley calling to say how excited and happy she was about her decorations. She sounded as if she was going to cry. I just loved it! I'm sooo happy she liked it. I went to bed last night feeling so good. This year will probably be one of the leanest Christmases we've had in years and so far, it feels more like Christmas than years past. This year, I'm actually happy about the holiday and a lot less stressed. There is nothing cooler than decorating a tree with your kid or surprising family with unexpected Christmas cheer. :) So, despite the fact my husband has called me Grinch at least three times this weekend, I know it isn't true. I'm just cautious, honey! :)

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm THAT Mom!

We had quite a show at school this morning and when it was all over, Sydney and I were both in tears.

So, we pulled up to the school and I got Nathan out, unbuckled Sydney and told her I would be over to open the door for her. I walked around the car, holding Nathan close (it was 32 degrees and very windy) and Sydney refused to get out of the car. She protested because she wanted to put on her gloves. So, I waited while she struggled to put her gloves on. Then, she decided she had to put her hat on, but to do that, she took off her gloves. She pulled on the hat and then proceeded to put her gloves back on, but she struggled again. This time, she dropped them and refused help. I was about to lose my mind because I was cold, Nathan was cold and the clock was ticking. I tried again to help her, but she just got mad. Then her hat started sliding off and that made her mad. Finally, I just picked her up and took her out of the car. All of this while holding her brother, who is no lightweight. She then proceeded to throw the biggest temper tantrum on the sidewalk. She sat down and refused to get up. Meanwhile, parents are passing me by and I just want to melt into the floor. One parent was nice enough to hold the door so I could pick her up, one-handed, and carry the two of them in.

We couldn't just end it there. She literally screamed so loudly the teachers came into the hall to see, I'm sure, if she'd been hurt. Nathan's teacher took him from my arms and I tried desperately to explain to Sydney why I had to get her inside. She just cried and gave me the look. She then decided to lay down on the floor. Not knowing what to do, I just picked her up and passed her to her teacher. I apologized. I hate leaving like that.

I went into Nathan's room to drop off his stuff. I passed right by him and the tears just started to roll. I just tried to escape the school without being seen, but fat chance.

I got to work today, which was no small feat with the accidents on Rt 7 and me getting lost in Reston. I'm still not sure how I ended up where I did. I'm just glad I wasn't late after all of that. All had pretty much settled after an hour of work. Then, I got an email from the Principal.

Thankfully, it was to tell me that Sydney was doing much better and that she was having fun in Stretch-n-Grow. She also attached a picture of Nathan in a Santa hat (see above). "I thought you could use the extra smile today." She said. How nice. The only problem, she wasn't even there when this whole thing happened. So, now it is confirmed. Today, I am THAT mom with THAT kid and we were the talk. Sigh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays!

So, I, like many, have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I've been drinking hot chocolate, which helps A LOT! :) So, we started decorating last night. Sydney was so excited, which really got me excited. Kids can be so cute. She would have stayed up all night, but we sent her to bed at 9pm.

We've decorated the mantle, hung wreaths and gussied up a baby tree. Marc plans to put lights up outside, I believe. Did I seriously just type "gussied"? Yes, I did. Oh wow! Hmm. Anyway, we may purchase a live tree this year, but we'll see. I should know for sure in a day or so.

My new knife case arrived last night. Thank you, Rachel! I was just putting the knives in the case and the blade of one just barely touched my thumb and it started to bleed. These knives are so sharp. I couldn't believe it. I adore these knives, but I can see I am going to have to be VERY respectful and cautious.

I almost always drink the cold Starbucks Fraps. I buy them at Costco and allow myself one per day. Well, it is finally cold enough that I had to pull out the coffee maker. That is one perk of colder weather, I guess. It certainly isn't as convenient, but it does taste good. Especially now that I put cinnamon over the coffee grounds before it brews. My mother-in-law taught me that and I think it is so yummy. You should try it. I bet nutmeg would be good also.

Tonight, I think we'll put together the gingerbread train. :) Sydney will like that!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Up With...

That silly commercial with the falling shoes? It is actually a car commercial, but I just cannot get over it. First, why would I want the sky to rain shoes (unless it was J. Choo or the like). I know. I am not girly enough to appreciate that thought. Second, if it were to happen, how could I make sure they match or that they are even in my size before I toss them into the trunk? Huh? How could I? Finally, if you wanted to promote the size of a trunk, I wouldn't go with shoes. They are not that big, unless you are *Person*. Please! Enough with the dumb commercials. There is imagination and complete stupidity. This is complete stupidity. Marketing annoyance or stupidity is great only if I remember your product and I don't. So, it didn't work.

I also caught an annoying commercial last night for some asthma medicine last night where the woman is a silhouette only and you cannot see her face clearly. That is irritating. It made me breathless trying to figure out who in the world it was. Was that the idea?

What commercials annoy you?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That's Not A Knife!


I only asked for one for my birthday and I wound up with SIX awesome kick butt knives from GLOBAL. They are wonderful! I KNOW they will improve my cooking skills. :) Ha ha! I sound like *PERSON* trying to improve his golf game by buying better clubs. Nonetheless, I am totally excited!
Yes, I was completely spoiled for my birthday this year, as always. From knives to clothes to money and lots of b-day wishes, it was grand! Thank you! Thank you!
Well, I did it again. I ditzed out this morning. I ran out of the house this morning wearing my Turbie Twist. Seriously. I wonder how I even make it through the day sometimes. When I realized that my hair was still so wet, I had no choice, but to attempt to dry my hair with the vents in my car. Surprisingly, it worked rather well. Of course, "style dry" isn't an option on the dash so, I had to go with the "windblown 80's reject" setting. Hey! My hair was nearly dry and I won't get sick. I actually think that is a myth anyway. Traffic was horrific this morning and I'm sure I provided some entertainment to my fellow commuters. You know, whatever I can do. :)
I got an email this morning about our firm in-house holiday party/happy hour. We'll have it here in the office and it will be just employees. I like getting dressed up for our holiday party each year, but I'm looking forward to the quiet low-key gathering. It is more my style anyway. Large crowds really make me anxious and cross. I don't know what it is, but I have to have my personal space or I will go nuts. This concerns me about the inauguration. If we do actually manage to get tickets, I wonder if I will be hyperventilating the whole time. :)
Oh! Oh! I am on the list to see the White House decorations this year. That is way exciting, isn't it? :) Shenan's Uncle Betty has the hookup. Uncle Betty? Yeah, I know. Strange. I'm so looking forward to it. It will be magical. :) Don't laugh at me! It is very cool.
Well, I have to check in with everyone since I've been off the blog for a bit.
Have a great day!