Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nutty! Nutty!

So, I've been MIA for a few days. Well, sadly, the dinner didn't go well. Well, at least that is how I felt. It felt like I was on a four hour job interview and I was grilled about law school nearly the entire time. It was extremely uncomfortable. I know they mean well and that they want to see me live up to my potential, but it can really be suffocating at times. I've got a lot going on and really, it isn't as much of an "if" as it is a "when." So, PLEASE!

After that, I kicked into high gear to finish Syd's costume. That stinkin' sewing machine gave me the hardest time. Wednesday afternoon, I had spent so much time trying to finish and it just wasn't moving as quickly as I wanted. Of course, not having the luxury of spending all of my time working on this costume, I headed to Costco with the kids to pick up some necessities. I slipped down an aisle to go to another part of the store and there, as if sent to me, was a cute little Singer sewing machine. It was quite reasonable and I contemplated it for a few minutes and then continued on my way. I was on the other side of the warehouse when Sydney asked me if I was going to get the sewing machine. Seriously. I let my three year old talk me into buying it. What does that tell you? You guessed it! It didn't take a lot of persuading. I've seriously been asking for a new one for at least four years. So, whatever. I hit the house and moved at rocket speed (for me) and finished the costume in the nick of time. Sydney wore it to school on Friday. What a relief! :) I was excited. Isn't it always fun when something turns out like it should? Of course, I have a lot to learn. I haven't packed it away like I did my old one. I've ripped apart a skirt that was too big to alter. We'll see how it goes. Since it took me almost two hours to undo the skirt, I have a whole new appreciation for seamstresses. I still don't want to pay them $700-800 a year anymore though! Yes, nearly everything I buy has to be altered. This particular skirt needs to be taken in at least two inches in the waist and over a quarter inch per hip. Worst case, I wreck the skirt. I couldn't wear it anyway.

Halloween was very fun. Sydney had a friend over, Trinity. She and her mom went walking around our neighborhood with us. Thankfully, it was a very mild evening and we really enjoyed ourselves. Sydney and Trinity had such a good time. It is so nice to watch your kids interact with other kids. Nathan was a little panda bear. He was soooo cute. He was smiling ear to ear the entire time.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. It was a challenging week with a nice ending. Whew!

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Courtney said...

Sorry about your dinner, but yay! on Syd's costume. I can't believe Nathan is walking all ready and I wanted to let you know I left something for you at my blog.