Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, Nov 18th and Randomness!

First, Happy Birthday, Jane!

I feel like Nathan was just born and here I am in the middle of November. Where does the time go? Really? I want to know.

Marc has been working late the last few nights and I've been in charge of the kiddos alone. Tonight, Sydney was so exhausted she was in a terrible mood. Thank goodness I had prepped dinner last night. Whew! In fact, I'm covered for the next two nights. Last night, I made a chicken and rice casserole, cooked kielbasa and put a roast in the crock pot. Yay! I love it when I have the opportunity to do things like that.

So, can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?! I cannot. It will be yummy. :) So, what are you having? Anything non-traditional?

I know I'm supposed to take all of my antibiotics. I do, but...I really want to stop taking them because they are making my stomach yucky! It really is nutty how those things work, isn't it?

Have you seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Well, I'm a bit of a Bravo nut, no matter how bad the program is and I got sucked into this one. It is like a blue flame. I just don't want to look away. Anyway, there is a woman on there (Kim) and tonight, I saw her smoking (yuck, but okay) and drinking (whatever)...IN HER CAR?! What the crap?! She was parked, but who would think this was a good idea at all let alone on national tv? Good grief. I'm especially sensitive on this subject.

Well, I think I have sufficiently babbled long enough. I think it is time to hit the hay!

Stay warm, ya'll. It is BITTER out there. Brrrr!



allie said...

Umm you should see Kim sing, it's worse. :) Haha I love all of the "Real Housewives" shows, like you said moth to the flame, unavoidable! Good job on the dinners! Is your chicken rice casserole from Jess G? I make her recipe all the time!

Courtney said...

I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving either. This year has really flown by!

Rach said...

Happy Wednesday, Jess!

I hope you're feeling better. And, I'm super duper jealous of your cooking night to get ahead. :oP