Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making!

How exciting it was to stand in line to vote this morning! I'm always excited to put my two cents in on election day, but today was about as exciting as it can get. Marc and I started our hour wait at 6:40am (Got up at 5:15am!). I've voted at this center several times and I have never seen such a diverse crowd. It was inspiring.

So, like a child on Christmas Eve, I'll most likely be watching the tv tonight waiting to see who will be our next President. No matter the direction, it will be a historic event and we will have been a part of it. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

If you haven't voted yet today, get out the door! Lines are long and your vote does count! :)

Crossing my fingers and toes!

Hugs to you!


Rach said...

I was up and at my polling place by 5:45! I'm with you--I haven't seen such diversity in all my years voting there, nor that many folks. It was amazing, especially as it wasn't even six yet!

I'm also WAY excited by this. What an incredible election!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

It was amazing - for me to wait in a line for an hour to vote and I can't stand politics, a miracle!!

Happy Day After the Election. I will now return to watching television again! :)