Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Democracy Lives!

No matter who you were rooting for yesterday, you could feel democracy in the air. We knew that the country was divided and last night, once again, the results proved it. It is my sincere hope that Barack Obama will bridge the gap between the parties and turn this country around.

If you haven't heard, which I'm sure you have, we are receiving major props and praise from all across the globe for our decision. No matter how you feel, how wonderful is it that America elected its first African American President? I'm so proud. I'm also proud of John McCain for giving, what I hear was, a gracious speech last night. Truly, nothing can be accomplished without working together.

I'm exhilarated by the election results and, like many of my countrymen, ready to get back on the horse and start anew!


allie said...

I too hope that the gap can be bridged and that people will start putting America first! I do hope that Obama will not be as "left" as the media portrays him to be, but I am American above everything else and I will never disrespect my President. So I'll lend my support to him in hopes that he will keep our country as great as it is, always has been and always will be.

That's my concession speech ;). I have been hearing that McCain's speech was wonderful from a LOT of democrats (I would include republicans, but that's the McCain that we've seen all along). I'll have to watch the video, I fell asleep super early! I am the most happy that the election is over and I don't have to hear any more commercials!! I think that's a point everyone agrees on haha.

Oh, and can we get some pics of Syd in her beautiful homemade costume? Please??

Courtney said...


Jess said...

McCain's speech was really amazing. I felt so proud of him, his speech was elegant and respectful. I am excited for a new chapter in American history! And I am SO GLAD the election is over with - whew!

Rach said...

The speech was indeed wonderful. I wept.

I read today that Obama may have a bi-partisan cabinet. Wouldn't that be something?

Hooray America!