Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful Indeed

Moments just like this one make me appreciate all I have in this world. I'm fortunate enough to have many things, but nothing means more to me than my family.

Tonight, I am snuggled in bed with my pup listening to the blissful quiet of mom and Tom's house. I miss my husband who went home because he had to work today, but he shall return tomorrow with big hugs. I'm thinking about the great day I had with my mom and the babes. They were so good today. I had a great dinner with mom and Tom at one of my favorite restaurants. I could eat homemade pie, but I'm so full from dinner that it wouldn't be safe. :)

I'm reminded, yet again, that I am blessed with so much and tonight, I'm humbled and appreciative because I do not deserve this life anymore than a neighbor. I had to take a moment to capture this moment so that when I am acting bratty or entitled, as we all do at times, I can be reminded of this wonderful day and this feeling of content.

Nighty night!

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tiburon said...

It is so nice to reflect on our blessings :)

Hope you had a great holiday!