Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Waa! Fall is here!

The summer has officially ended and the traffic on the roads here prove it. :( Boo hoo. I know that sweaters and stews are right around the corner. I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Marc, Sydney and I went to my parents' bay house this weekend to hang out with the family. Unfortunately, I was a bit under the weather for most of the trip, but still managed to enjoy my visit. We visited a few antique stores and a church bizarre. Being in Reedville really makes me think of Fall. I suppose that is because the last visit was for my first wedding anniversary.

We made it home yesterday by 4pm and surprisingly, Sydney didn't sleep the entire way. It seems as though sleeping in the car for her is becoming a distant memory. Wonder how the drive to Myrtle Beach will be this upcoming year with a chatty toddler and a new baby? Lots and lots of stops. :) I think to "celebrate" the coming of Fall, I will make chili this week. It seems appropriate, not to mention easy and yummy. Tonight and tomorrow will be steak and pork chop leftovers sent by my mommy. How nice! Now we can play on the playground a little longer. I know Syd will be thrilled. What are you having for dinner this week?

Oh-I happened to see this article posted on MSN home page this morning. Will it be enough to make me start exercising? Hmmmm? We'll see. If not me, you? What am I talking about? Don't you guys already do it? Most, if not all of you, do. I'm still amazed! Have a great day!


Christie said...

Sorry that I don't share your sadness in the fact that fall is almost here. Its my favorite time of the year. The mere mention of sweaters and stew makes me all giddy inside. Interesting article too!

Bonita said...

I saw those Dr. Oz segments on Oprah, and he's got me motivated! I was up to walking 4 miles every morning, then 3 miles with George in the evening. Well, I had to quit that 7 miles a day routine after 4 days, even if it was good preparation for hiking. Excuse: moderation in all things. Whatever my body really needs from walking, I can get in 30 minutes, rain or shine, just like Dr. Oz says.

allie said...

I can't wait for fall! I'm really ready for it this year. I think I might make chili too! Good idea :) Other than that I think I'm making baked ziti and salad, and maybe some quesadillas or taco salad because I have some great fresh salsa I need to use.

I'm glad you had fun at your parents' house! Sounds like a blast. And the leftovers can't hurt either. Have fun at the playground!