Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Fancy Hannah!

Happy Birthday to the silly girl that has touched so many! I've heard stories over the last few years about Han, from Rach's blog and Jess, and had always laughed at Hannah's actions. Specifically, I remember thinking to myself how brave Hannah was when she hopped onto The Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens. I could not believe it.

This morning the view from my office is spectacular. The sky is layered in colorful hues (dark blue, red, orange, yellow and sky blue). I know it is in honor of Hannah. A few short months ago, I may not have noticed such beauty on a workday. Hannah and Rachael changed that for me. Today, I try to see the wonder in all things, big and small. I remind myself each day that I may not be here tomorrow, to love with all my heart and to try not to sweat the small stuff. The latter is a very tall order, but I'm working on it. :)

I'm so fortunate to have the Gaulden and Davis families in my life. It certainly is so much richer because of their presence. Today, I'm thinking of them and sending them my love.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Hannah!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Yes, we are all thinking of lil Hannah today and the difference that she made in our lives. Such an amazing little girl, and such a great life to celebrate. I have my sparklies on today!

Tiburon said...

I love that picture of her! Happy Birthday to Hannah. :)

Bonita said...

I'm planning to go down to the waterfront today, to watch the sunlight on the water. Hannah loved water, and I know she will be smiling there, winking her eyes, spilling her laughter. Sometimes it is the smallest delights that trigger the greatest joy. Happy Birthday, Hannah.

Jess said...

We are all sparklied up. Ella is in her Easter dress, wearing a flower and tulle crown *and* a hair bow and a anklet and bracelet. She also got to wear make up for the first time today- sparkly eyeshadow and lip gloss!

One of the moms (Andee) on our board made that tutu for Hannah's birthday last year that she has on her head in that pic!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! That pic of Hannah is just DARLING! You have such a way with words...THANK YOU! =)

rachd said...

I've always LOVED that pic!! :oD

I'm glad Han could have such an impact on so many. It seems strange that one so young could. But, then, that's who Hannah was! :o)