Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Day in the Life of ME (8/17/07)!

I know. I know. This is like last century, but too bad.

I literally just rolled out of bed. Ugh.

Time to wake up Sydney.

Madison is awake too!

I've had my bath, Mommy! I'm ready to get dressed for school.

We're sleepy, but ready to go!
Mommy gets into her trust Honda and heads to work!
Bye bye, house! (We're the end unit.)

I can see my building from here.

Of course, Friday means Starbucks!

The view from my window at work. Lovely huh?

My desk pre-Friday cleanup.

Linda, a Partner.
Me on the phone.
Stuart, my boss and a Partner.Every Friday Stuart brings us yummy bagels for breakfast. Isn't that sweet? Literally, for the last almost seven years! I so look forward to them!
Rachel, a Partner and my buddy. A lot happened between breakfast and quitting time. Unfortunately, I failed to charge my camera the night before. Sorry. For lunch, we went to Sakura (Rachel and Me) for a last sushi lunch before vacation. Other than that, there were a bunch of boring emails, letters and phone calls.
Here is Crista, her last day before maternity leave. She was definitely ready for it. Look at that cute belly! BTW-Hunter was born that following Monday. After work, it was time for play. Jess G and Ella came over to hang out for a bit before heading back to Kansas. Here are some photos of the girls playing.

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye (*sniff*). At least we had a few hours.

After Jess left. Marc and I hurried to bed. The next morning we had to drop Sydney off at Grandma's for her first Grandma camp. :)


Tiburon said...

Awww what a great day. It is fun to peek into your busy working mama life! Thanks for playing. Let's do it again soon :) (Maybe while you are on maternity leave so we get lots of pics of the bambino)

100 Percent Cottam said...

looks like a great day!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a great idea, the "day in the life" thing...it really paints a better picture of the typical day, that is fun.