Sunday, September 23, 2007

Unbelievable Loss!

I just finished watching the Redskins get beat by an 0-2 team (Giants). We had several chances to at least tie the game, but failed horribly! UGH! I cannot believe it. We should have won this game and we lost our first conference game of the season. BUMMER!

I'm off to get Syd's stuff ready for school this week. Fun! Fun! Fun! :)

I'll check in tomorrow.

Take care,



Tiburon said...

Sorry about the loss!!

Jess said...

You football fan, you! I think it is so funny how into it you get- Rach is the same away about VT football! I am the odd one out so I guess I shouldn't be teasing you all about it. ;-)

Christie said...

I'm not much of a football fan, but I do have my favorite teams. I love Cinci, and they've had 2 bad weeks. I can feel your pain!

Jess T said...

Thanks! :)

Jess, I've always been a sporatic supporter; however, I think it really kicked in when I was pregnant with Sydney. I was so sick all I did was lay on the couch watching football on the weekend b/w homework assignments. It is family time for me.

I remember watching games with my grandfather. It was always fun and it meant lots of good food. :)