Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Carnival Destiny 2007 (Port: St. Thomas)

Finally, some vaca photos. I've actually been looking forward to viewing them myself. It seems like it has been a month. As you know our trip was threatened by Hurricane Dean, but you will find very little evidence that he even passed just a day or two before we arrived.

We landed in Puerto Rico around noon and made it onto the ship by 2:30pm. We were starving by then and had lunch at our first cruise buffet. I ate so much during the cruise. I really loved having food at my fingertips 24/7.

Our first stop was St. Thomas. We spent the day shopping, walking and we took a sky lift up for photos. I hate heights so, I was holding on for dear life during the ride up. Once we arrived, the view was beautiful. You'll see it below. We had lunch at a sweet little open cafe where Marc tried a mojito. Hmm...I tried the iced tea. It was pretty good. :) He had tacos and I had fajitas. Not exactly island food, but they were recommended and very very good.

It wasn't until AFTER I visited that I found out Blackbeard's castle was there. Oh well! I guess that can be an excuse for a return visit.

Sweet view of an alley in St. Thomas. I love these little alleys. They are so charming.

Look closely! There is a rooster hiding in a flower pot! He was so cute. I didn't even know he was there until I scared him.

A view from main street

A distant view of our floating hotel.

That is the cable car line we rode on. IKES!
Can you even see the cables?
Up up up

Almost there
Our ship from above
The town below
An amazing view!

Woa! We're really high!

Later, after dinner, we returned to find the first in a series of towel animals (elephant).

Our sorry attempt at a timed together photo. We cut off Marc's noggin.

BTW-the dress and the necklace were purchased in St. Thomas. Also, there isn't a picture here, but my hubby bought me some london topaz bling (ring, bracelet and earrings). We thought it was perfect given that we had just found out we were having a boy! :) Blue is the color, you know!
Notice we are still very white! Me especially. I went from whiter to white and then to burnt and peeling. No tanning luck for me!
Maybe tomorrow night we'll post Barbados!


Tiburon said...

Ooo I love the pictures! A few comments:
1. You are stunning. Absolutely stunning - I can't believe you are pregnant.
2. St Thomas looks amazing and I so want to visit.
3. Those cable cars would have scared the "you know what" out of me!
4. Towel elephant is too cute - I can't wait to see what Barbados brings.
5. Love the dress and the necklace

So far the trip looks awesome!! :)

Jori said...

Wow! I am so jealous. It looks just beautiful there. Glad you had fun!

Jess T said...

Tib-you are going to give me a fat head! :) Thank you.

Tiburon said...

Not possible Jess - nothing on you could be fat. Ever.

rachd said...

Hey there! I just caught up on your life! :o)

I'm jealous of your cruise and so glad I get to see you in person in a little over a month!! :o)

Jess said...

Jess, it all looks so beautiful, fun and romantic! And I love the last pic of the two of you, no matter that Marc is missing the top of his head, lol.


100 Percent Cottam said...

oh, mercy, that looks like heaven! and you're just the cutest thing ever.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Those cable cars would have scared me so much! Ahh! What a ride, great pics!