Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday, Ba da da da da da!

We had an amazing weekend! I hope you did too.

On Friday, we ordered pizza for dinner and cleaned up the house. Yes, this is the not-so-fabulous part of our weekend. It did end with us lounging on the couch watching tv for a short period of time before going to bed.

Saturday morning, Syd was up at 7am. We played in the basement before making breakfast and cleaning up (kitchen and ourselves). Then, we headed to Logan's for an early lunch. I was craving chicken tenders. Syd was a doll during lunch, which was greatly appreciated. We returned home and lazed around for a bit while Syd took a nap. Then, my mission began.

My parents and siblings were coming over to stay on Saturday night and in true Tiburon spirit, I prepared our Saturday indulgence! Tib, I totally thought of you while cooking after last week's post. It takes hours, which is why it is a rare event, but I made an apple pie and fried chicken. Of course, no chicken dinner is complete without green beans simmered with salted side meat, mashed potatoes and cornbread. Mmmm...wish I had leftovers! People are always asking me how to fry chicken. Finally! After all of these years, I've got it down! My grandma would be proud!

After dinner on Saturday night, my mom and I sat down to work on Syd's Halloween costume. I'm a total newbie at reading patterns so, her assistance was crucial. Most of the night consisted of her telling me what stitches to make and where to cut, etc. The good news is that the shirt is almost complete. The bad news, I'm left to finish it alone. That is scarier than Halloween itself. Ha ha! We'll see what happens.

Sunday morning was an early day. We all got up and I made french toast. I picked up a new flat skillet at Tuesday Morning for $11, which made life much easier. After breakfast, it was off to the park! The ball park. We watched the Nationals get beat by Atlanta (boo hoo). We all hung out in our chilly seats for the duration of the game munching on stadium food. MMMMMM! I love love stadium food. Sydney was, again, an angel! It was such a good day.

I'll have to post pics soon. I know, I know. I've got a million pics I need to post. I'm just a little short on time this month.

Have a great day! Oh yeah! BTW-Prison Break starts tonight and the Skins face the Eagles. What a tv night!


Tiburon said...

Thanks for thinking of me - I was indulgin on Saturday as well. ;)

I am jealous you got to see a real baseball game. I miss my Mariners so much and we only have sucky farm-league ball in SLC. And I LOVE stadium food too!!! (Especially in Seattle b/c the have an Ivars at the stadium)

Next time I get that way we need to hit a game! :)

Jess said...

I don't think you can be a true Virginia girl and not know how to fry chicken! I've had people ask me how to do it too and I'm always surprised b/c I just don't think it is that difficult! Your dinner sounds amazing and I wish I had been invited to enjoy some of it too, lol. :-)

Sounds like you guys had a jam packed weekend. Good luck with the costume- I am going the easy route and ordering one online. My friend Jen thinks it would be funny to put Ella in a Dorothy costume from Wizard of Oz (with her son dressed as Toto!) and so that is what we are going to do (I think!). I'm sure she will love the glittery red shoes long after Halloween has passed.

Jess T said...

Tib-Of course! Name the day! :)

Jess T said...


Of course you would have been invited! I only wish I could invite you. Yep. Definitely not difficult, just VERY time consuming. :)

That sounds like a really cute costume! :)

Anonymous said...

Post your fried chicken stomach is growling already!!!!

My chicken never turns out, would love to hear how you do it!

100 Percent Cottam said...

girlie, i need some of these recipes! i love me some good ol' southern home cooking.