Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby!

Little Natey Nate! You are one! I cannot believe it! You are the sweetest little pumpkin boy ever! You are my heaven! We love you and are so happy you picked us!

We had a little b-day party for the Natester this weekend. It was a wonderful weekend. The fam came up to celebrate and a few close friends in the area. Thank you everyone for coming to show your love for Nate! :)

I have pics to post from the party, but, of course, they will have to wait. :) I actually can get to our computer at home. I just never want to sit in front of one when I'm there. Hmm...wonder why? :)

I have to make a note of a few things:

-During the party, we noticed that Sydney and her friend, Trinity, had gotten awfully quiet upstairs. This, of course, is never a good sign. So, Marc went to check on them and found the bedroom door closed. When he opened it, he found two NAKED little girls running around the room playing "booty shots" with Syd's doctor kit. Oh my. These two girls have been together at school for the last two and half years and they are the epitome of BFFs. They hug each other furiously every Monday and talk about each other constantly. Turns out they have something new in common, they both reject clothing! :)

-This morning Syd informed me that Nathan won. Hmm? She explained that "when you are one, you are WON" and "Yay! Nathan! Good job!" Um-okay. :)

Happy Monday! Wow! Already? I've got to run to get the week started. Have a great day!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

LOL - on the rejecting of clothes issue! :)

Happy Birthday to the little man himself! Yay! Looking forward to the b-day party pics! :)

Rach said...

Happy birthday to Nathan-Man! :o)

ROTFL about Syd and the booty shots. ;oP

Happy Monday, Jess.

Courtney said...

Ahhh, Happy Birthday Nathan! Syd sounds hilarious!