Tuesday, January 13, 2009

72 Hour Packs!

Yay! I have a hairband. Thank you, Crista! Whew! I know you were all worried.

Okay, I've been following Jennie for a bit and I've gotten on board with her preparedness program. Specifically, the 72 hr kits. We've been saying for YEARS that we need to get one of these together and I've decided that we will do it this year.

I like to try to not think about things like tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms and terror attacks, but the truth is that they have all happened right here. So, rather than get caught with my pants down, I think I'll pack up a few things. After all, we have our kids to think about, not just us.

So, resolve to be prepared in 2009! Prepared for what? Whatever you can stomach. For me? I'll stick with a power outage. :) Doesn't seem so bad.

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Laura said...

Ohhh. Good idea. I'll have to think about that since there's the whole hurricane thing to think about now.