Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Already?!

Wow! I cannot believe it is Friday, but then again, it generally sneaks up on me. We've got a pretty big weekend planned, relatively speaking. :)

Tonight, I'm looking forward to going home, eating leftovers, picking up a bit and vegging. Tomorrow, we'll go out to look at houses for the first time. First stop, Bristow. I think there is one in Haymarket. We're thinking this location might be too far, but we're open people. :) We'll just take a look, even if it is to rule it out. Jess, we'll probably next hit Manassas or Leesburg. Marc found a neat website for searching and maybe you want to take a look. I think it is

After our house hunting adventure, we'll go home for a bit and the babysitter will come. I'm pretty anxious about the whole thing, mainly because Sydney tells me she does not want a babysitter. I'm thinking she'll be fine with the whole thing. I'm really looking forward to a night out with hubby sans babies. I love them to death, but it is nice to chew food at a normal pace. :) For me, that is pretty slow. :) I'm a very very slow eater. I cannot help it. I've always been that way. I'm not quite "chew every bite 100 times," but I'm close.

Sunday is the Superbowl and I cannot believe it! I typically get all excited, make food and watch. This time, I don't have any real plans. I'm thinking we're going to be sitting on the couch, which will be fine with me! :)

Okay, so I'm off to check in on you guys quickly before I have to dive in.

Have a great weekend!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Have sooo much fun!! And good luck with the house hunting. (:

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Happy Friday to you too! I hope it all goes well on the house hunt... :)

Alex Hall said...

I'm all for Haymarket!

You would be about 45 minutes from us.....just me preference. :)

Courtney said...

I'm glad Friday snuck up on you....longest week of my

I hope you have a great weekend & good luck on house hunting

Woli said...

Columbia, Maryland is always nice ;-)

tiburon said...

How was the house hunt!?

Angela said...

Hope house hunting went well.