Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doesn't It Figure!

So, my body woke itself up this morning before the alarm went off. Strange.

I was lying there with a half hour to myself wondering what to do with it. Should I go back to sleep, do yoga, finish my cards, post pictures or just get a head start? I contemplated it for a good 24 minutes. Indecision at its best! Then I decided to just go post Nate's b-day pics. Yeah! That's the ticket.

I wrap up in my robe, grab the camera off the kitchen counter and head for the basement. Brrr. It is cold down here. Then I realized that the cord thingy has not been unpacked yet. I actually don't know where it is at all. Go figure. :) No pics. Sorry.

I was going to make cute little thank yous out of a few, but I guess that won't happen now. It will cause me to be even later on cards. Oh well, generic ones will have to work this time, as they have every other time. :)

Well, have a good time doing whatever you are doing today. I'm off to start my day.

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