Friday, January 9, 2009

The Bright Side

It is no secret that I dislike the new digs. TEMPORARY digs. So, this morning I decided that I needed to start looking on the bright side and not judge the place so harshly. Here is a BRIEF list of pros to the place:

The poo bag/garbage bin is right across the street. Very convenient.

No one can see me running around naked in the morning when I'm upstairs. Yay blinds!

The kitchen sitting area was so small we had to relocate the our room. was awfully nice watching Desperate on Sunday in bed.

The light in our room may be a dining room fixture (Can we say ghetto?), BUT it is very bright! :) Sure makes getting up easier.

The cabinets in the kitchen are plentiful. If I were unpacking everything, I think I'd have room for all and then some.

I like having two linen closets (one in the hall and one in my room), even if they are half shelves.

Sydney's room is much bigger than her old room so she actually has room to play in it.

The steeper stairs are giving my legs a workout. Who needs a stair stepper?!

The water gets hotter than at the old house. LOVE THAT!

The ceilings are high.

The coat closet door doesn't stick. My old one stuck.

Hmm..okay. That is about it right now. Once we get more organized, I'll be able to name a few more things. I'm sure of it!

Hope you are having a great day! Happy Friday!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy Friday to you! Hotter water is always a plus! (:

allie said...

I think it's always very relieving to pick out the positive things in a less than stellar situation. Good for you! And if you want, I'd be more than happy to come over and help make it a cozy home, if a temporary one. And yes please to chicken day! Let me know when and I'm there!