Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?!

Holy cow! I cannot believe it is Thursday already (one week since my last post). Well, the end of last week was rough as I was sick.

The weekend consisted of me cooking, cooking, visiting the pumpkin patch with Allie and having some buds over from Alaska! Yes, Alaska! BTW-everyone wants to know what they think of Sara Palin. The answer, they like her. I won't hold it against them. :) Seriously, Peter and Julia we enjoyed having you and hope to visit you in Alaska at some point.

Monday, I spent a lovely day with my babes. Marc worked until 2pm and I hung out at home with the kids. Sydney and I cooked dinner together and then we all hit the park after Marc got home. We've had absolutely amazing weather the past few days and I'm just taking in as much as possible because I know the chill is just around the bend. ICK!

We've been busy busy at work this week, which is great. I love to be a busy girl there. It has also limited my time for surfin' the net so, I apologize for not getting to all my regular pages lately. I am thinking of you all. Ruh-I'm so glad you had a great surprise! I was thinking of you all weekend! Rach-I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and couldn't make it up, but I hope you are better now. Allie-Thanks again for coming out. I had such a good time with you and, again, your muffins were a hit!

Nathan had his 9 month check up last night, which went very well. Little man has ANOTHER tooth coming in, which makes three. He's going to be walking very very soon. We anticipate him taking his first steps before Christmas gets here. Sydney and I also got our flu shots while we were at the doctor's office. I'm so glad they offer that service. What a time saver!

I hope you have a great day! Take care! I'm off to get some things done. :)


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Good to hear from you, Jess! I was thinking of all my bloggers too as I knew my video was going to get posted when the party started :) It was such a memorable weekend, thanks for thinking of me!

I understand work busyness - us too here! Off to San Diego for alll of next week for a convention. I'll miss ya'll but will be taking lots of pics :)

Nathan is 9 mos!!?! Time does fly!

Courtney said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend with your kiddos. I can't believe it is Thursday either. This is the first week I've said that in a long time.

Jess said...

I too know an Alaskan who likes Sarah Palin. If I lived in Alaska maybe I would like her more?!

I'm jealous that I missed the pumpkin patch with my friends! Wah! Share some pics, my friend. :-)

Rach said...

I missed the pumpkin patch too, Jessie. :sigh:

I finally felt better Tuesday, just in time for Lil to come down with the crud. Ick.

Time sure has flown, that's for sure. I'm sorry we missed you Jess. Are you up for another attempted visit sometime?

allie said...

I'm sorry you guys couldn't come too. :( Good luck with the new tooth progress! I had tons of fun at the pumpkin patch with you guys and I'm glad the muffins were good! I've never been to Alaska and I like Sarah Palin (even though she is more conservative than I am) does that count for something? Probably not. Actually I like the real Sarah Palin and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, both good in different ways. :)