Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday! Woo Hoo!

I'm sitting in my office freezing! I'm drinking hot coffee for the first time in a while and it isn't helping. I just have this chill that won't go away. Nutty.

So, this weekend sounds like it will be pretty, but cold. I can almost hear ice cracking when I think about the upcoming season and I don't like it. Time to roll out the blankets and snuggle. That I do like. I plan on working on Syd's costume, shopping a bit for b-day gifts, visiting another pumpkin patch (we'll come home with one this time) and celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe! WOW!

Life really is just so fleeting and short. A dear friend's wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, they believe they have caught it early and all of the reports have been great thus far; however, it really made me stop and think, as so many things do. First, I immediately thought about how worried this woman and her family must be. Second, I was reminded that in this economy, as scary as things appear or could get, it could very easily be worse! Third, I just want to run and hug my hubby and kids. I'm so thankful for my family and friends and NOTHING is more important. Lastly, I thought about this woman and my thoughts of her. I think this particular woman is extremely fascinating and I've always wanted to spend more time with her, like so many other people and she probably doesn't even know that I think this. So, I should change that right? So far, I've just sent her a few pop-in emails. I know she'll be facing radiation soon and I'd like to do something nice for her, but I'm just not sure what. Any ideas?

Well, I hope you have a great weekend! I've got lots of pics to post. I know, I know. Marc took over 1,000 photos off the camera last week. There were photos of Jess and Rachael and you all know how long ago that was (June/July). Rachael, by the way, you are ALWAYS welcome and we would love to schedule another attempt as soon as everyone is well. :)

Allie-I cannot believe it! I'm almost afraid to say it, but I've used Ivory soap for four days straight and my face is clearing up!!! I cannot believe it. Could it be a fluke? I don't know, but we'll soon see.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Have a great weekend! Yes, put up some of those pics soon :)

Courtney said...

Does the woman live close? How about making her and her family some dinners during this extremely difficult time? Also take a card to let her know she's in your thoughts.

Now post some pictures all ready!

Rach said...

I have this sinking feeling we will all NEVER be well at the same time again, LOL! But, we're up for it if you are.

As for the woman, I agree with Courtney. Dinners are sure to be most welcome. Make yourself available and let her know that even though you aren't that close yet, you are still there if she needs anything.

As for the Ivory, really? REALLY??? Hm. It's gotta be that 99.44% thing...;o)

Anonymous said...

have her over for dinner or treat her to lunch. Cards and flowers just makes people think your feeling sorry for them, or you pitty them... They know there going through this they don't want to feel inadequate.

I have a long time friend who is diagnosed with cancer but she's up and down just because along with the breast cancer she has sickle cell so her immune is very low, so her doing the radiation is not an option for her right now, because of her sickle cell. She has very high spirits and refuses for people to feel sorry for her, or make her feel like we are pitting her.

If this lady is near your job take her out for lunch.


allie said...

See! I'm telling you, Ivory is like a freak of nature! I hope it keeps up the good work!

I'm sorry about your friend, that is scary. I would do like everyone else said and just make yourself available. Maybe let her know that you think she's really strong and if she wants to talk about anything to let you know, otherwise you won't bring it up. Sometimes the best thing in a bad situation is to have a friend to ignore it with you and just focus on fun things. At least if you preface it that way she won't think you don't care or don't know how to talk about it. Does that make sense?

Enjoy the cold weather, I know you love it! ;)