Monday, October 20, 2008

Sleep, My Love

I climbed into your bed last night despite fear that I would wake you. More and more I worry less about things like that. I just wanted to watch you sleep for a while and listen to you breathe.

I was surprised at how brightly your nightlight shone on your face. I wondered how you could sleep at all. You were soundly sleeping though and didn't know I was there. I snuggled as closely as I could without disturbing you. It is hard to believe that you have grown so quickly, both of you. I wondered to myself how my first baby had sprouted into a tiny little lady in just three years. You aren't nearly as feisty while you sleep. :) Instead, you are a still and quiet doll. My Sydney paused for just a few short hours. I wondered about your dreams. I kissed your tiny head and hand.

I couldn't help but think about how lucky I am. Earlier in the evening, Nathan was snuggled on my shoulder while I rocked him. His tiny little hand grasping my pendant, any attempt to remove it from a half-asleep Nathan would result in major protest. No doubt it is his way of keeping me close when he closes his eyes. So lucky am I, with two sweet babes and a loving husband.

I never knew life could be so sweet.


Courtney said...

Okay you made me cry! How sweet. Isn't it the best to have sleeping babes on you and/or beside you? You are truly blessed.

Rach said...

This was beautiful, Jess. :sniff: :sniff: :o)

I agree with you--life is indeed sweet.