Friday, October 3, 2008

Nathan's New Tooth!

Yes, Nathan cut another tooth this week. The little tike is progressing right along and I fear that walking is not far away. He's still containable. What are we going to do when he's all over the house? I remember how excited we were that Sydney started walking, until we realized what that meant. Ha ha.

Yes, my little boy is moving right along and his personality is cracking me up. To show his affection for something, he head butts. Seriously, when one would traditionally hug, Nathan head butts. This week we caught him doing this to a toy on the exer-saucer. It was hysterical. Last night and the night before, he was determined to give mommy a migraine. :) What a way to get one though! :) He's so silly.

I made no progress on the costume last night. I was much too busy watching the debate last night. Boy! What a show! That is all I will say. BTW-Next Presidential debate is next Tuesday night.

The weekend is gearing up and it will be a busy one. We've got two b-day parties and the Humane Society walk. I like to be busy, but I think we may have too much, as usual. :) It is a lovely habit of mine. I've been fighting a cold with all my might and I just want it to go away. I'm sure it will be a nice weekend, despite the business.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Also, if you haven't heard of, you should check it out. I just watched a condensed episode of The Daily Show for the first part of my lunch. Now THAT is cool! :) They have a lot of recent episodes of other shows. Generally, I've watched back episodes directly from the station site, but I heard about this and decided to give it a try.


Courtney said... sweet is he? And they grow up entirely way too fast.

Jess said...

Teeth, how exciting! Gabriel is still a toothless-wonder. He is on the move now, though. It certainly does make things more interesting when they start getting mobile.