Monday, September 29, 2008



What a Monday morning! WOW! It is so thrilling to drive to work with our HUGE win replaying over and over! Whenever I think about the enormous bailout, I get worried and upset. I curb my emotion by singing the fight song and thinking about that AWESOME Kathy Griffin show on Friday. I MEAN AWESOME! Folks, at one point we were about twenty feet from her. WOW! You have got to go see her!

Sydney and I took a trip to the fabric store this weekend and bought the materials for her costume. I think is is going to be a bit more complicated that I had originally thought. I walked outta there with five or six different types of fabric, ribbons, hooks and a few other random pieces. I'm going to admit that I am a little nervous. I think I may have to call in reinforcements, the Grandmas!

The trip to the fabric store was fabulous. Sydney was as patient as a three year old could be and I was taking FOREVER trying to decide on fabrics. We were in the store for no less than an hour and she didn't complain once. What a trooper! Then, she and I hit the local Thai restaurant for carryout. We ordered our food and played games while we waited. She told me over and over again that she loved me and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I JUST ADORE THAT! What mommy doesn't?

When we got home, Sydney was excited to try her dumplings. It took her a few minutes to notice that Marc and I were using chopsticks. She immediately wanted to try using them too. I initially thought it was a bad idea and then decided, what is the harm? I figured I'd keep a close watch to make sure she didn't poke her eye out. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! It was so fun and I so wish I'd had a camera. She was giggling with delight the entire time. It was so sweet. She was actually pretty good at using them. I was amazed. She, of course, had some difficulty, but she was so excited that she didn't get frustrated once. I think that is going to be a new thing in our house. :)

We did a ton of cleaning up this weekend and boy was it necessary! I spent a lot of yesterday morning weeding through clothes and organizing drawers. Thanks, Rachael! It really is a dreaded task. We packed up three garbage bags full of donations. Boy, our kids are growing like weeds!

After the afternoon naps, I took the babes to the grocery store (Marc was working). Syd was a bit hyper because we'd been essentially trapped indoors by the rain all weekend so, I was a bit nervous about her behavior. I decided to let her get into one of those dreaded car carts. I really hate those things. They are nearly impossible to maneuver, but Sydney was as happy as a pig covered in dirt. So, I suppose it was worth it because I made it through the entire store with little fuss from either babe. That is a nice grocery store trip!

We were headed home from the store when Syd informed me that I had been a good girl. Interesting huh? Then, she told me that because I'd been a good girl, I could go to her birthday party in June. Isn't that nice of her? :) How funny is it to be told by your kid that you are being good?

Our Sunday evening ended with our huge Skins win over DALLAS! That's right baby! It was such an awesome game and soooo close! We finished the evening by dancing around the room to Shania Twain and packing lunch. :) What a fun night!

I was excited to get my produce email this morning! I so look forward to Mondays because of that email. I just think it is so exciting to find out what veggies you are going to eat in a given week. It is a surprise! This week:

Delicata Squash(L)-NEW FOR ME! I have NO IDEA what this is! Any tips?
Sweet Potatoes(L)
Grape Tomatoes(L)
Romaine Lettuce
Golden Pineapple
Gala Apples
Valencia Oranges

What a sweet week!

Take care and have a great day!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

This is a fun Monday post - full of praises! Woohoo for the Redskins, the Kathy Griffin show, and being "good" in Syd's eyes :) And yes - the box of veggies is always a highlight of my day when it arrives! I made a big batch of greens with the swiss chard yesterday. Have a great day, Jess!

allie said...

You sound like you had a great weekend! I'm glad you're invited to Syd's birthday party ;). The pumpkin patch is in Bluemont, so it may be farther than you want to go but it's a pick your own from the actualy patch place and you take a hay ride to get into the patch. It's called Great Country Farms if you want to google it. I'm happy to go wherever though!