Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

Wow! I cannot believe Friday is here already. Believe me, I'm not complaining! :)

The sky is quite cloudy and grey this morning. It was smart to bring an umbrella in to work this morning. Speaking of umbrellas...there is another update regarding our parking deck. So, earlier this week our Landlord dropped off these cool golf umbrellas to use for ourselves and our clients. I thought it was really quite sweet and completely unnecessary, after all we are adults. We should be smart enough to prepare for such instances. Since Jackie receives few positive feedback from tenants, I thought it would be nice to drop her an email thanking her for lending us the umbrellas. A short while later, I received a response. She thanked me for the email and then told me that someone in the building had the audacity to complain about the color of the umbrellas. He/She had received navy blue and others had received black and "it wasn't fair." Can you believe it? Really, at least if we opened a daycare center here, we could get smiles and hugs mixed in with the whining! :)

So, Mom and Tom were scheduled to be in San Antonio, TX tomorrow. They are not sure if they are going at this point. In fact, it surely doesn't look like it. I can hardly believe that the forecasters are using the term "certain death" in their reports. That is very serious and people should heed the warnings; however, if Ike changes and doesn't turn into the storm they are predicting, it could backfire. Certainly, that would be great! The next time they use that term, people may not listen. Actually, what am I thinking? People are just stubborn or perhaps they don't have the means to leave. I'm hoping for the best Texas. We're thinking of you! Don't they know you aren't supposed to mess with Texas!

My little Neh-neh is getting so big so quickly. Yes, we do call him Neh-neh sometimes. I was completely opposed to that, but somehow it just stuck. Sydney insisted. He's crawling like crazy now and it only took him a very short time to figure out how to stand (by holding on to things). I believe it won't be long before Mr. Man takes his first step. He seems to be growing faster than Sydney (physically). He's only said a few things (da da and ba ba), but is trying so hard to form words. The funny part is when he gets frustrated and just does a raspberry instead. I just want to squish him! He's so so sweet.

Sydney is razor sharp. HELP ME! She's been pushing boundaries like mad lately, but we're trying to work it all out. The biggest thing is that she's been throwing big fits when I drop her off in the morning (she doesn't want me to go). That really sucks, for so many reasons. This morning she did great! I was so happy. Of course, it might have been because they were serving pancakes this morning and Sydney LOVES pancakes. Oh-sidebar-Marc punched in some info last night on a height predictor for Syd and it estimates she will be 5' 8"! The predictor did say that she could be an inch shorter or taller. I'm 5'5", I think, and that would make her at least two inches taller than me. WOW! She's going to be such a lovely lady. She's got brains, legs and now, height! Watch out! :) My sweetie pie is going to crush hearts! Both of my babies, actually!

Thanks to Ruh, I FINALLY signed up for the weekly organic produce delivery service. I'm so excited! My first delivery is next Wednesday! I think we've got a ton of things on the list. I also added some milk and eggs to the order. I cannot wait!

In other big news, I finally switch our cleaners to the "green" cleaners and this week, I picked up our first container of "green" laundry detergent. WHAT A TASK! I've been using Tide for years and so far, it does not appear that they carry any "green" products. I've sent them an email to confirm. I did read on their website that the Tide 2x is supposed to be "more friendly" because it was less packaging, etc. No, no, sorry. That isn't good enough. So, I ended up with Seventh Generation (sold at Target) and I've got my fingers crossed. I hope hope hope it will do the trick. Isn't it great to have the best of both worlds, clean clothes and a clean environment! We're making strides, folks. Baby steps, I know, but we're working on it. I'm so proud of what we are doing. We've changed so many habits since January. I just keep thinking that we're leaving less of a print this year than last year. Hopefully, next year will be even better. I'm still looking for suggestions so, if anyone has any "green" ideas, please pass them on! :)

Alright, I've been chatty enough for one morning. Have a great weekend!


Courtney said...

Where did Marc find the height predictor? Our doctor did it for Taylor at her 2 year check up but never did it for Callee and I'm interested to see where Callee's going to be.

Glad you are going green, I may have to switch to that laundry detergent so thanks for the suggestion.

Complaining about the color of umbrellas? Really? That is childish.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

SO glad you got in with Washington Green Grocers! Good stuff :) I hope your folks are ok with the storm crazyness - geesh! Hard terminology with the "Certain Death" bidness. Grrrr!

Your kiddos sure are growing up so fast! I hope that you have a great weekend! :)

Toni Lou said...

Try the book, "The Kissing Hand", by Audrey Penn. It helped sooo much with Taylor and I last year. We did it everyday and still do so now. It's a really sweet book. Hope it helps!