Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catching up! Carnival 2007 (St. Lucia and Antigua)

Better late than never! I've had such a terrible time with our computer freezing on me at home that I finally gave in last night and put my computer guru honey on it. He was nice enough to copy the photos to a thumb drive. Thanks, honey!

So, the photos from St. Lucia are not available because our camera died. We got off the boat and met up with another couple from Canada, Jehan and Tracy, and convinced a cab to give us an island tour for about $30 a person. This was less than half of what the boat charged! We visited the sulphur baths, the Pitons, banana plantations and a market near the pier. We literally spent all day going from place to place. We arrived just after Hurricane Dean crashed through and half of the island didn't have water or electricity. The banana crops had been devastated. It was quite sad. I thought it was pretty hysterical that I actually had to PAY to use the restrooms in St. Lucia. We stopped several times and the most I paid at one stop was $1US. One restroom didn't have toilet paper or a toilet seat. It was quite an adventure.

Our next stop was beautiful Antigua and probably my favorite stop of them all. Marc and I took a hiking/kayak tour and had a WONDERFUL time! The company that ran the tour started, I believe, seven years prior by a British woman and her Carolina husband. They started with three kayaks and now have a whole fleet. The tour guides were so much fun and we returned to yummy banana bread, rum punch (obviously, I skipped this) and cold mint towels. We loved this trip! In fact, we thought it was so beautiful we might go back just to Antigua to vacation.

Photos of the kayaking, hiking and snorkeling tour below:

I actually managed to snorkel at this stop. The water was beautiful and calm. I ended up having to ditch the breathing tube because I kept choking on salt water. It was easier for me to hold my breath. :) Oh...I wish we were there today. :)


Tiburon said...

Ooooo St Lucia is STUNNING! I have heard so much about it! I can't believe you had to pay to use the restrooms!!

Christie said...

Gorgeous pics. Looks like such a fun trip!

MrsGrumpy said...

You must have been exhausted from all of that. I always wondered why it wouldn't be easier to just hold one's breath.

Toni Lou said...

I am so jealous. Brian and I never go anywhere. Looks like lots of fun.