Thursday, October 11, 2007

Carnival 2007 Final Stop (San Juan)

Okay, so for some reason, Blogger does not like our San Juan photos. It would only let me upload those below. Oh well.

Marc and I didn't have time to visit San Juan when we got onto the boat, but did have the opportunity to spend some time there when we got off. We took a taxi to the airport, checked our bags and headed out to walk around. We bought a disposable camera and took a few shots of our day.

We searched for a local restaurant so that we could try authentic food. We managed to find a small place at the suggestions of a street cop. It was quite good.

The mayor and his family were out and about that day for a walk. I enjoyed San Juan, but would have enjoyed it better if I hadn't been so uncomfortable and anxious to get home to Sydney. My only clean t-shirt, that fit the week before, was skin tight and it was driving me crazy. I ended up ducking into a Tommy Hilfiger store and purchasing another t-shirt in a larger size. Bargain shirt by the way, it was only $6. That helped quite a bit, but I know I was still cranky because I just wanted to get home to my baby. Maybe we'll get back there in the future also.


Tiburon said...

San Juan reminds me of Cabo for some reason. At least the ocean shots. I am glad you had such a great trip. Can I come with you next time? ;)

Jess T said...


Doubt we'll get to do that again for quite some time, but may a Disney cruise!? :) That would be fun.

MrsGrumpy said...

Gorgeous shots. I am so jealous! We (well I am) looking into a Disney Cruise for next year. They look like so much fun.