Monday, March 30, 2009

The last week was no less than a complete whirlwind. Today, I feel, quite literally, like someone kicked me in the back. I am, however, happy to be awake and at work. Well, I don't know how happy I am to be at work. I could certainly find more enjoyable things to do.

Let's see, I was crazy busy at work again last week. Highlights:

-We closed a huge deal.
-The new Of Counsel dropped off his stuff. He starts in a officially on the 13th.
-I spent 40 minutes one afternoon in the post office. That is ALWAYS a treat.
-I heard some new ideas for marketing the firm.

Who cares about work? How about home! Highlights:

-Marc started his golf league last Tuesday. He'll be going every Tuesday until Fall.
-Nathan tripped on the carpet at school last week and smacked his face on the activity table. His tooth loosened. So, we spent much of the evening in a pediatric dentist's office. The result is that his socket should most likely recover; they do not believe his adolescent teeth were damaged; and his tooth may or may not discolor. He's just fine today.
-Sydney had accident after accident last week, both at night and during the day. She went through three sets of sheets at school last week and at home. Oy vey!
-Ashley, Shenan and I went to Mom's this weekend to help her clean out the basement. What a task! The good news is that after a back-breaking weekend, the lion's share of the work is done and Mom is feeling good.
-I have a nail in my tire.
-I think Nate has ANOTHER ear infection. I'll be making an appointment for him today to go yet again. This time, if he has another one, I'm putting my foot down. I'm not messing around with this crap anymore! Poor guy.

So, that is the long and short of my week. OH WAIT! I forgot to tell you the most important thing: the start of my day.

So, I raced to the service shop this morning after dropping off the kids. I had to get the nail out of the tire and the tire plugged and I'm late on an oil change. I walk to work from there. I got to work, stepped off the elevator, bent over to pick up an envelope that had been delivered and that's when I found it. I had absentmindedly tucked my shirt into my underwear this morning. Are you kidding me?! Since my pants are a little lower, I KNOW everyone saw them! I bet they were thoroughly impressed with my turquoise cotton undies. Good grief! :) I never cease to amaze myself.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

oh my - that reminds me of when I was in the choir for "The Nutcracker" in 5th grade and tucked my dress into my tights. Very embarrassing!

Happy Monday - sounds like it is very busy!

Cheffie-Mom said...

The underwear thing is so something I would do! LOL!

I hope you can get some rest after such a busy day!

Rach said...

LOL on the panties front. You are my kind of girl, Jess. That would SO be something *I* would do. :oP

My fingers are crossed Nate DOESN'T have an ear infection and that Syd DOES stay accident free.

Courtney said...

Hope it gets better?