Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Again?

It is hard to believe that Monday is here yet again. Sydney protested school today, like every Monday, but she was happy to show her friends her apple this morning. that all it takes?

Traffic was nice this morning considering the yucky blah weather. People turn into straight morons around here with any type of weather (rain delays, fog delays, snow delays and YES, no kidding, sunshine delays). Today, thankfully, was an exception. I have learned to take back roads to a point further on the toll road, but this morning I just kept going. I didn't even notice until I was almost to the toll road. Whew! Talk about fog.

I am happy to report that I managed to bring in my lunch and breakfast in this morning for nearly a week, excluding bread. Yeah, I purchased a loaf of bread at Giant on Saturday, opened it yesterday and found that it was molded! Grrr! Now, I have no bread and I'll have to take it back. That is so irritating. I was going to take it back yesterday, but I was busy.

Busy doing what? Well, I slept in, tried to anyway. Then I got up, changed the sheets, put clothes away, cleaned up Syd's room, unloaded the dishwasher, cooked sausage for the week, packed lunches, made two casseroles and a threw a brisket into the crockpot, took a shower, went househunting, dropped off Sydney, got a haircut, got my makeup done, cooked dinner, put Nate to bed, watched Desperate and finally, turned out the light. Only I couldn't sleep. Hate it when that happens, which is almost every Sunday. I spend much of the night worrying about the week ahead.

By the way, I cut all of my hair off. I took a picture with my cell phone. It is a terrible picture, but you can see that my hair is gone.

Blah! Anyway, I've got lots to do! Have a great day!


Courtney said...

I love the new cut!

I cannot believe it is Monday again too, I spent my whole weekend at the hospital with my sister.

Cheffie-Mom said...

You are one busy Mama! And your haircut is precious! Happy Monday!

Rach said...

CUTE hair!!!! :o)