Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yet Another Delay

Five hours in an airport...going on six and we've been delayed again. They are offering crackers. Um sure, a three year old can eat crackers all day. No problem. I don't think so. I've forked out nearly $40 between lunch and a light snack and we haven't left the ground yet.

Turns out the delays aren't weather related. Grrr.


Rach said...

OMG, you've GOT to be kidding me. Hang in there!!!

robert said...

Jess - Once spent 7 hours waiting for a flight to Tampa at Dulles (old terminal with nothing to do or eat, no seats, you know the one). Every hour they told us that they had no news, but would update us shortly. After 5 hours they finally announced that the plane had left Chicago. Turns out, they had no crew. Had they been honest with us, most of us could have gone home and come back. I did get a sweet coupon for a Whopper. NICE!