Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I've had such a good time tonight. RF was awesome!

Of course, when you add alcohol into the mix, you get interestng sideshows. We had the typical macho men acting foolish, the WAY TOO YOUNG couple completely making out (Gross!) and the silly girls trying to show as much skin as possible.

Then, the most fun is watching the groups of girls dancing and being silly, the parents and their young daughters snuggling on blankets and, of course, hearing the crowd belt out a song with all their might, even if they are off key. I love being a witness to such things, people loving life. It is yet another reminder to me to enjoy each day and sing loudly (even if I am more than a little off key).

Thank you, honey, for letting me drag you. You can't pretend anymore. I saw you dancing. ;). Wes, I'm so glad you came again. RF wouldn't be the same without you.

Night night all! Now, how in the WORLD are we going to get out of this parking lot?

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