Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Ever just have one of those days? Of course you do!

I have been all over the place today. Interesting for today is an email my grandma sent warning of hairbands made out of...hold on...trying not to barf..USED CONDOMS! Seriously! Snopes confirmed it!

I happened to surf the net this afternoon, a rare event these days. I decided to type in names of high school friends and I actually made contact with Mary-Tyler. Jane, remember her? Turns out she's in LA with her husband, a prof at LSU. It has been about 12 yrs since we spoke. Funny huh?

In more upsetting news, my grandparents had to put her puppy to sleep. I know how badly this sucks and my heart goes out to them.

Well, I'm off to eat. I hope you guys have a great night.


Rach said...

My mom saw the Snopes thing Sunday and I wanted to throw-up on the spot. UGH!

I'm sorry about your grandparents' puppy. :o(

Courtney said...

Seriously? Used condoms? That is so gross!