Thursday, July 31, 2008


I just put a new container of vanilla creamer in the door of the fridge at work. There are only a few people in our office that like their coffee that sweet and I don't mind sharing. SHARING!!! I went to use MY creamer for the SECOND time and it was GONE! COMPLETELY GONE, the container and all!

Why are people so inconsiderate and rude!? It is just like the honey for my tea. People use it up and never offer to replace it. So, I stopped bringing it in entirely. Guess what happened. Nothing. No one has brought any in. Honey I can keep at my desk. Coffee creamer, not so much.

I know! I'll put it in a baby bottle and let them all think it belongs to Nathan. They might wonder why it is here, but if they think it is formula, they won't use it.


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Courtney said...

Must be a work idiot week. You read my rant yesterday!