Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wondering Where I Am?

I bet a few of you checked my blog earlier this morning to find that no post had been made and thought, "Maybe she's having/had the baby." Well, nope. :)

Last night I was curled up in bed finishing 'The Glass Castle,' (Yes, I said finishing. What a quick read! I loved that book.) when I started having contractions. They were about ten minutes apart for a bit and I didn't get terribly excited because this happens ALL THE TIME. I closed the book, headed downstairs to join Marc in the tv room and had an ice cream cone. I quickly noted that the contractions were coming much faster (5 min) and continued for about a half hour. I had been warned by one of the OBs in our office to not wait until the contractions got to 5 minutes and if they were steady at all, I should call. I didn't. If I went simply on steady, I'd call their office EVERY DAY! Although, they had never been five minutes apart.

I decided to tell Marc and he started timing the contractions. All the while, I'm taking a shower, putting on pjs and just waiting to see what was going to happen. "It's probably nothing." I said. He disagreed because his log indicated that the contractions had been coming every four minutes for over forty-five minutes and had lasted for over a minute. "You should call." He said. So, I did. After giving the report to Dr. Choudry, he instructed me to go to the hospital. So, we loaded up in the car and headed over. The contractions continued at four minute increments. I couldn't help but get nervous and freaked out. I wondered all the things you wonder when you are about to go through something like that. I was just scared.

Turns out, I got a reprieve. I earned one more day to mentally prepare myself. After we arrived at the hospital, they hooked me up to all of their monitors and, within a short period of time, the contractions began to diminish. They continued, but were very weak. After a quick check, it was determined that there hadn't been much change since my last apt. They ran tape on Nathan to make sure he was in good shape and sent me home just after midnight. The "nuisance" contractions continued for much of the night and was just enough to keep me awake.

When the alarm clock went off this morning, I protested. Knowing I had to go to the OB's office today, I decided to take the day to catch up on my rest. So, after Marc and Sydney left the house this morning and I checked in with mom, I went back to bed where I stayed until about thirty minutes ago. I plan to have a VERY late lunch (it is nearly 2pm), visit Dr. Choudry and return home where I will veg with family until something happens or until my alarm clock goes off tomorrow morning.


100 Percent Cottam said...

oh man! i hate a false alarm! but. he's coming! it won't be long...

Jess said...

Things sound like they are moving in the right direction. I am also having those pesky "practice" contractions (they don't feel like practice!) and I can't believe how many more of them there are with this second pregnancy than the first.

Hang in there, I was really hoping you were in labor or had had him last night. Surely it can't be too much longer now.

Laura said...

Ooooh, how exciting. Now I'm going to be clicking and reclicking on your blog. I'm glad you were able to rest up today though, especially since the time is drawing near. We'll keep you in our thoughts.

Woli said...

Yes I checked and was indeed hopeful!

Christie said...

Oh - I bet you go anytime. I had "nuisance" contractions like with with Bryn, and I found that taking a warm bath would make them go away. It was awful because I worried that I wouldn't know when it was the "real thing". Good luck! I am anxiously awaing the post about the new baby!

rachd said...

Well, poo. I was TOTALLY hoping Nathan was on his way to meet you all.

I hope the contractions stop long enough for you to get a full nights' sleep.

Anonymous said...

best of luck to you and your new little muffin man!
i pray all goes perfectly for you, and i love your daughter's name..
i am reading 'the glass castle' as well; you're right- it's soo good!