Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Strange Things About Me

I was asked by Laura to name seven strange/odd things about myself. Here goes:

1. I hate fingerprints on my kitchen faucet. It drives me absolutely insane. Fingerprints on switch plates and other faucets are annoying also, but the kitchen faucet is the WORST.

2. I am a compulsive hand washer. I counted once and I washed my hands ten times while putting away groceries.

3. I think about death constantly, mine and others. There is rarely a day that passes that I don't think about it. I often get in the car and think, "Will I die today?" I hate it.

4. I'm a spill all. There is very little about me I keep to myself. Someone always knows what I am thinking. I can guard the secrets of others, but I am an open book.

5. I have little confidence in myself as a mother. I constantly question myself. I have no doubt that love my daughter, and soon-to-arrive son, but being responsible for other human beings STILL overwhelms me. I just don't want to do anything wrong.

6. I am anything BUT a pack rat. In fact, I've kicked myself in the butt several times for giving things to Goodwill before their time. I cannot stand clutter, but yet I still have it. There are things I will not part with that drives Marc absolutely crazy. He, unlike me, is a TRUE PACK RAT! I think he would keep every t-shirt he ever owned if I didn't throw them out.

7. I cannot be in a dark bathroom standing before a mirror. I will freak myself out. I guess it is all the silly games I played as a child. We have a giant mirror in our bathroom that connects to our bedroom. Some nights, I swear I can see someone (other than myself) in it. It will make me do a double take. I hate it. :)

I thought it would be difficult coming up with seven things, but I think I could go on for a while. I will spare you though.


100 Percent Cottam said...

oh my gosh, girl! we're so kindred!!!
2- i'm compulsive, too. and i get super grossed out by people who aren't.
3- i think that chris is going to die constantly. and i worry about how my future is going to pan out all the freakin' time! it drives me nuts. i'm pleased when i go an hour without obsessing over the future.
4- um. me too.
5 - i'll bet this will lessen with #2. it did for me. i still stress about everything with maya, but i'm super relaxed with mason. it's weird.
7- oh my gosh, i can't believe you said that! i do the same same same thing. eyes down on the way to the potty in the night. wouldn't want to see bloody mary in the mirror. i hope no one EVER tells maya that!!!

Jess T said...

Natalie-I told you that I wish you lived closer. I really think we are too! :)

Laura said...

It is funny how the pack rats and the non pack rats end up together. I really think it is nature's plan. My husband would chuck just about anything (except for what he deemed "heirlooms"). Me? I save catalogues, junk mail etc. because it looks interesting and I think I want to read it. Only I never do. And...I keep a bottle of hand soap by the kitchen sink because I must wash my hands a thousand times a day.

The Stevens Family said...

4 and 7 is me too. I'm glad you played along. It was fun and kinda strange pointing out weird things about myself.