Monday, January 7, 2008

Cute or Creepy?

I took a quick ride down the elevator today to get a drink from the downstairs deli. On my way down, an older gentleman got on at the 3rd floor. Here is the exchange:

GUY: Hello.
ME: Hello.
GUY: Do you feel beautiful today?
ME: (Looking at him like he is nuts)
GUY: Because you certainly look beautiful. I think pregnant women are the most beautiful women in the world.
ME: (Still looking at him strangely) Uh, thank you.
GUY: I should know because my wife and I had five children together.
ME: So, she was lovely a lot of your marriage. That is good. (Smile)
GUY: Yes, still is, but there is something extra special about pregnant women.

You've got that right! They bring out the strangeness in a lot of people. From valets that try to kiss your bellies (Yeah! I'm serious!) to strangers telling you that you look huge or uncomfortable. The public response runs the gamut.

I'm going to go with cute for this older man rather than creepy. It is most likely true and just makes me feel better. :)


100 Percent Cottam said...

i vote creepy. mostly because i think men who think pregnant women are sexy must be pervs in some way or another. because, no. not sexy.

except you. of course, i'm sure you're darn sexy! :)

Laura said...

And then, the touchers. The ones who think a baby belly is the world's property. I loved the comments on that in "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy". By best friend's husband loves pregnant women, which is probably disconcerting to women who don't know him, but it was charming when I was pregnant with James. I mean he gets to the nitty gritties of "how far are you dilated?" and the belly touches. It bothered my husband a bit but he adores his wife.

rachd said...

Go for cute on this one. My Papa always told me he thought there was no one more beautiful than a pregnant lady--and he most certainly meant it. :o)

As for the belly kissing valet, well, I'm at a loss! ;o)

Carrie said...

Don't you just love the creepy preggo comments? My fave was when we lived in Fairfax and these hispanic guys were quite serious about hitting on me - it was hilarious!

BTW, call me if you need bigger maternity stuff - I've got sweaters and shirts that won't fit me this winter b/c I'm only 18 wks right now.


Woli said...

I am voting he was probably attempting to be cute but it was definitely creepy! Good luck during the next few days/weeks!

allie said...

I'd go with cute, if his wife had 5 kids than I'm sure he's had more than his earfull of "i'm ugly" pregnancy complaints. He was probably trying to make you feel good. And a lot of men think pregnant women are beautiful, maybe it's the whole "continuing the species" thing. Or maybe he's a weirdo. :)

The Stevens Family said...

I'd like to think he was trying to brighten up your day as this stage of pregnancy can definitely have it's bad days. As for the valet, what was that person thinking? And what did you do?

Jess T said...

When I started working with my current company, I started visiting a local restaurant with frequency. When I became pregnant with Sydney, I continued going. It was my Cheers, if you will. Everyone knows/knew me, including the valet staff (parking is horrible there and there is no other option). I had one waitress pull up my shirt to expose my belly while I was pregnant with Sydney and the valet guy kiss my belly. I half expected the bizarre behavior from the waitress. She is a bit looney, but I was so stunned at the valet guy, I did absolutely nothing. I was completely shocked.

I've seen them both a few times during this pregnancy and THANKFULLY neither have tried to invade my space or expose my belly. I think I'd not be as polite this time.

Jess T said...

Carrie-thanks for the offer. I'm holding on. :) I'm hoping it will be any day. :)