Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Compare Bellies

You guys are so silly!

The left is me with Syd at 17 wks. The right is me with new baby Tadlock (16 wks). I'm bigger this time, but not much.
My maternity pants arrived today. I'm not really very thrilled about putting them on, but Sydney is tired of sharing her hairbands.
Crazy crazy! Thanks, Jess G for getting me into the site for Syd. It is so neat that I can look back and compare.
Toni, it was so good to hear from you!!!! :) I bet your girls are just adorable. It has been a while since we've seen you guys. We've got to get together soon. Heard from Nika or Lisa?


Tiburon said...

Thanks I will take either of them.

You look terrific! :)

rachd said...

Hm, if only I looked like that *NOW*. :sigh:


Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

yeah, girl, i'm impressed. you hardly look preggers at all!

Woli said...

Congrats!!! I am so excited for you! Things have been crazy and somehow I missed out on your being pregnant!! Like Rachd says "Hm, if only I looked like that *NOW*. :sigh:"

Be good to yourself and don't work too hard!


Aimee said...

You look amazing! Where are you hiding that baby?