Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guess What Time It Is!

Don't anyone fall over in the floor, but it is 3:03am! My hips were driving me absolutely crazy and I thought I should get out of the bed for a while to stretch them out. In addition to the hip issue, I've been worried about some gift certificates I ordered. Silly huh? Pregnant women worry about some goofy stuff in the middle of the night! :) Well, truthfully, I am not sure the pregnancy has much to do with the worry. The hips, yes.

I'm celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family this weekend so I was wrapping presents tonight. I realized tonight that a short stack of gift certificates I had ordered, and I feel fairly certain we received them, were missing. So, I've been worried about them for the last several hours. I finally decided to come log in and see if I had actually received them. After all, it is equally as silly to worry when I can check on it and make myself feel better. Turns out they were mailed to us at home. We've been organizing like mad people here so I just know one of us has thrown them out. THANKFULLY they can be resent! Also, I'm happy I realized while it was still November! These gift cards will be distributed closer to the actual holiday. What a relief! I was so concerned that we would lose the money. I'm certainly not willing to toss a couple hundred bucks in the garbage and smile about it. Ha! Ha!

So, now that Christmas is saved and my hips have had a rest, I suppose I can go back to bed. That alarm clock is going to go off sooner than I want. :)

Happy Day! :) BTW-If this doesn't make is 3am. I have a hard time making sense during daylight hours! :)


Anonymous said...


You have better writting skills than I do at 3am in the morning:) I don't make sense to my own self at that hour:) Well I'm glad everything worked out for you,with the gift certificates.I know the feeling of thinking way too much when your trying to sleep(That sucks)but Guess what?! It's Wednesday! the last working day for the week! I'm sure I'll tell you this again. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That is so funny! Well you know, they say that your "hips don't lie" :) (Great dancing song - hee!) have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Melissa said...

Jess, I just love your sense of humor. I too would have been up pregnant or not, and not smiling over "possibly" throwing away some GC.

I hope your hips are feeling better. I get PSD (pubic symphysis disorder) (sp?) where my pelvic bone/hips spread really fast and really unevenly when pregnant. My chiropractor made a WORLD of difference with that. So if you are ever up to it...try seeing a Chiropractor. I swear by it. ;)

I also was stopping by to wish you and your family a Wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving. =)

Sabrina said...

Oww. I remember those nights. I hope they feel better today!

Bonita said...

Just dropping in to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, Jess. Have a great day.

Gina said...

My goodness, yes, you needed to go to bed! But I have sort of done similar things when I was worried about something specific, so I know how you felt.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!