Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lazy Lazy Lazy

You wouldn't believe the tantrums people have been throwing in our building. Evidently, they would put Sydney to shame and that is pretty bad.

People have complained so much about the walk to and from our cars that the Landlord was forced to set up a shuttle service to run in the morning and in the evening. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Seriously, it is ridiculous. It is a bit of a walk, but it is not that big of a deal. If you have special needs, I could see that there might be some difficulty. Otherwise, you should shut your hole! The walk might improve your nasty attitude.

Just to rub it in a bit and hopefully provide a little comic relief to our Landlord, I sent her the following email this afternoon:


I simply cannot make the walk to my car. I am completely opposed to movement and conservative shoes. So, I expect COMPANY to provide a full service limo ride each morning and afternoon. If the driver could stock Heath bars and Dr. Pepper, I would appreciate it. After all, it is the least you can do since we know COMPANY destroyed the parking deck just to annoy the tenants.

I’ll be ready to leave at 4:30pm today. Please advise your driver.


At the rate things are going around here, she might think I'm serious. :) Hey, if she does, will that mean I'll get Heath bars? Mmmm..

I cannot WAIT to see who is on the shuttle buses. I'm going to call them SHAME buses from now on. Unless it is raining or you have special needs, no one should be bothered. Also, if they think it will be faster, they are idiots. I'm sure I'll get to my car before they will.

Have a great afternoon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something Out of a Movie

Okay, I may have mentioned it before, but our parking deck at work collapsed the Saturday before last (the back section). Thankfully, it was on the weekend and no one was hurt. The worst part for us, which isn't that bad, is that we have to park pretty far from work now. It is about a ten minute walk each direction. I need the exercise and the weather has been nice so, whatever.

This morning, I woke up like a zombie. You know those mornings. For me, I felt like I had ingested an entire bottle of cold medicine and was walking around in a "pretend" world. So, I'm a bit out of it, at least I was. I started my morning jaunt from the parking deck to our building, moving a bit faster than usual so that I wouldn't be late and just as I rounded the corner of our building I got hosed. LITERALLY! The sprinklers turned on and the whole left side of my body was misted with cold water. Not cool! Funny, but not cool. Now, I'm at work in damp clothes and my boss still believes we store meat here. So, thank you to the building management, who failed to adjust the sprinklers or the timers so that people walking on the sidewalk wouldn't get sprayed on their way to work. That aside, thank you for the good laugh.

I hope you all stay warm and dry today! :)


Friday, August 22, 2008

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, Whoaaooo!

I can't help but sing the National Lampoon's theme song these days. Yes, I am married to a Clark. :) If I see him checking out any blondes on our trip, I'll knock his block off. Ha! Ha!

So, we left work ealy today, which is always a bonus. Now, we are on our way to a MD National Park for our second camping trip. Hard to believe that the summer is officially over next week. We've had such a busy and wonderful summer. I anticipate that things will slow significantly, but then again...maybe not as much as I think.

We'll check in soon. I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Checking In

It has a been a very busy few weeks in our household, like many others around. :)

Nathan woke up on Saturday with spots. I'm fairly certain he had roseola and that the weekend was the tail end of a six day yuck fest. We missed a total of three days of work, one for me and two for Marc. Mr. Nate is all smiles now though and back to melting his teachers' hearts...and mine.

Sydney is very excited this week. She knows there is an upcoming weekend camping trip and what is more cool than that? Seriously, is there anything? I love camping and we just cannot wait. We put the tent up last weekend just to give it a once over. This one hasn't been used for a while. All looks good with the tent so, we're off. I just wish we could have gone more frequently this year. Well, there is always next year.

So, Nathan started babbling quite a bit and, much to my disappointment, he said, "da da da da." Marc, of course, is loving life and I just keep reminding myself that Sydney said, "ma ma" first. We know they don't know what they are talking about, but it doesn't really matter does it?

Well, I'm off to the grocery store, the library and to the school to pick up the kids. We need food for the weekend and Syd has read all of the library books I got her the weekend before last. Well, I should say that I've read them all. :) It makes bedtime more fun to read something different each night.

I miss you all and I hope you are all well.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poor Little Nate

The last few days have been "blah." Poor Nathan has been running a fever since he woke up on Tuesday morning and still has one. The pediatrician says it is a bug and has to run the course. Well, I still feel badly for him and want it to go away.

Work has been fairly busy, although I missed yesterday to stay with Nathan and Sydney. I figured I would keep Sydney too so that we could spend some extra time together. She was a doll 98% of the day and who could ask for more?

The weekend is rapidly approaching and it is finally time for the corn festival. I hope the weather is nice and that Nathan is better by then so that we can all go and have a good time.

Ever try to do something that, no matter what you do, it seems like you just cannot succeed at it? I've got that problem right now. I'm really pretty bummed about it. I know I just need to keep at it and stay the course, but I really want to bury my head in the sand. I'm not used to failing. Sure, I'm not good at a lot of things, but FAILING, no. It is pretty hard to swallow. Especially when I know I should be able to get past it. Sigh.

Well, it just started raining here and I'm feeling like I might take a nap on the table. Wouldn't that be nice? Someone goes to see why I didn't come back from lunch and there I am drooling all over the table. :) Funny. Maybe some other time. :)

Have a great day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Monday

What a beautiful day! I'm serious. I want to run outside and play right now.

I am just checking in to let everyone know that we are home. We have been for about a week. Time just rolls.

So, anyway, I heard last week that Gordon Ramsay might be taking over the Maestro at the Ritz here. WOW! How cool is it that I might ACTUALLY get to meet him. My boss is buddies with the tops there. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Well, I'm off. I only had a second. I'm too busy staring out the window today to think of anything good to say. :)

Have a great day!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Bags Are Packed...

Alright, we're ready to head out today. We managed to pull it together in just two days, thanks to Marc. :) He ran a lot of errands for us yesterday in order to get things underway. I was up until 11:30pm last night; Marc stayed up even later.

Nate has got the beginnings of a cold. I hope I'm wrong. Poor sweetie.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!