Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Fun

It has been a pretty busy week this week. The only reason I get to tell you about it is because I am hanging out at the doctor's office.

We rec'd a call from the school on Monday. The principal informed us that Nate's eye was yucky and that he might have pink eye. Marc picked him up and took him to the ped. It wasn't his normal dr. She examined him and determined that it was not pink eye, but irritated and mildly infected. She gave us antibiotics and told us he was not contagious. So, back to school he went.

Marc worked his night job a few days this week and had a ball game. The kids and I watered our blooming garden, played games and ate. That seems like all we can do during the short weekday evenings.

I'm really so thrilled about our garden. Thanks, Jess for the suggestion. So far, it has been such an easy bed to maintain. We've only pulled out a few baby weeds here and there, which most likely would'nt be there, but a robin has built her nest under our deck and she likes to fly from it over to the fence next to our garden. She's also been spotted perched on them. We suspect she may have tampered with our seeds, actually Marc suspects. Growing tall now is our corn, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, cucumber, green beans, anaheim pepper plant and our radishes and swiss chard have started to make an appearance. We're waiting patiently for the rosemary, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, jalapenos and mixed hot peppers to show. Oh yes, and the mesclin. We have quite a mix for a mid-size suburban townhouse. If it works, I've got my MIL on the list for next year's growing season. We've talked about adding two more next year, but we'll see.

Today, after I leave here, we are headed to Tom and Mom's house. Granny and Don will be there. Then, we'll head over to the Ball's. Oh yes, the reason for the visit today, pink eye. Well, that is sure what it looks like and what a coincidence after Nate went in on Monday. Of course, it wasn't pink eye remember?

Well, turns out I have a big fat sinus infection and PINK EYE! I tell you, these babies give my immune system a workout. At least I am fortunate enough to have access to health care. Thank goodness and that, in the grand scheme, is natta.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll check in later.

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Jess said...

Post pics!! I can't wait to see and hear about how tasty it all is. Maybe I will get to munch on some of your veggies when I visit in a few weeks. :0)