Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do I Dare?

This past week has passed so quickly I can hardly believe it. It is true that time flies when you are having fun and I've had nothing but fun this week. Well, as much fun as one can have at work.

I came down with a nasty migraine and cold last Wed. Ick! I was so glad it was all pretty much gone by Monday. I'm still a snotbox, but no worries.

I dare say it, but part of the reason my recovery was so speedy is the fact that Nate has suddenly started sleeping through the night!!! Not even a week ago he was getting up several times a night. Please don't let it end. I feel like a whole new person, as you can imagine. That is the most fun of all huh?

Then, following in Jess G's footsteps, we planted our square foot gardens. Syd had a ball and so did we. I can't wait to see what comes out of it. I do not have a green thumb at all! We planted tomato, cucumber, hot peppers corn, radishes, beets, several lettuce varieties, rosemary, basil, cilantro, swiss chard, etc. I am waiting with anticipation to see what takes off first.

I saw 'Sex and the City' this week! Yes, my first theatre movie in...??? I think it was 'Knocked Up.' That was last summer! Anyway, the movie was so cute. We had such a good time.

The weekend plans aren't set yet. I really have a lot of cleaning up to do, but I'm sure we'll find time for something fun too. The heat index is supposed to reach 105 tomorrow so, we most likely won't be outside. I thought we might hit a museum. After all, we have so many of them here.

I hope you have had a great week too! I wish you a great weekend!


Courtney said...

I'm going to see SATC tomorrow. Glad you liked it. Have a good weekend.

100 Percent Cottam said...

happy weekend to you! fingers crossed that sleeping thru the night goes on...and on...forever!!!