Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today is a pretty funny day. Not thinking about it being Father's Day, Marc got us tix to see Tim McGraw. He is not exactly a fan and we ended up going to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch. Hmmm...odd. Sweet, eh?

So, while mom and Tom keep the babes, we'll hang out together and spend some much needed alone time. It is amazing what a conversation can occur when you are both well rested and don't have the sweet interruptions. It is a nice treat, but I'll be anxious all day tomorrow to see my babes come home.

I,thanks to the joy of antibiotics, missed out on the family BBQ last night. I ended up lying flat in my mom's chair trying to will the icky away. They also have a Bose sound system and it took me about thirty minutes to figure out how to turn the sound on. Funny huh? What can I say, I'm a one remote kind of girl.

Well, we are off to buy b-day presents for Syd who will be turning three this week. Wow!

Also, Nate, who just turned five months on Wednesday, is trying desperately to crawl. He's doing a funny snake-like slither right now to get to things he wants. I would bet it will be less than a month before he figures it out.

Happy day to all the dads out there and to my stepmom, Jenn, who has a birthday today.


Jess said...

Happy Father's Day, Marc!

Courtney said...

Sounds so nice. How sweet of him to get the tickets, Happy Father's day to him!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh I hope that you get better soon! Yay for Fathers Day, even if you are under the weather...booo...

Tiburon said...

Happy Father's Day! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day :)

Rach said...

Happy Father's Day to Marc! :o)

And, I can't believe Syd'll be THREE! Holy Moly! I met you three years ago? Wow! Time FLIES! :o)