Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finally! A Jess Kind of Day!

Just last week I was going to warn my friends and family not to use garlic before seeing me, but today I made it up and out with the living. Marc took Nathan all night last night and I got some much needed rest, despite sleeping in our ridiculously cold guest room.

Take a look at what I did today:

1. Took Nathan to his one month well visit, which went very well. He has gained quite a bit of weight and is now 8lbs 12 oz! He has acid reflux, like Syd, so they prescribed something to help alleviate his pain.

2. Nathan and I had lunch at Red Lobster. It was a nice quiet lunch and I even got a call from my sister, one of the many people I love talking to but have been limited in doing so lately.

3. I took a trip to Costco. We were out of a ton of stuff. I tried to drop off Nathan's RX, but the didn't have it or GV (just thought I'd check). So, I picked up my items, which included juice boxes for a Valentine's Day party Syd is having at school this week.

4. Iwas headed to the local pharmacy to fill Nate's RX when ice started accumulating on my windshield. Idecided to skip the pharmacy and pick up Syd from school.

5. Syd and I spent much of the afternoon making Valentines. Then, Marc came home and she decided it wasn't fun anymore.

6. Since Marc and Nate were in napping moods, Sydney and I headed upstairs where I started a whirlwind pickup session. I picked up our room, vacuumed the upstairs and main level, started a load of laundry (this was after washing and putting away four loads yesterday), quick mopped all four bathrooms, finished loading the dishwasher and washed the dinner dishes.

7. Now, I'm feeding Nate and typing with one hand. So, if there are mistakes, ignore them. :)

Oh yeah, I also went to the gas station and printed a few recipes to try.

All in all, I've had a fairly productive day.

One quick thing before I am off to put my nightly bag together. Last Friday evening, Sydney and I headed to the local Target. We were heading to Richmond for the weekend and I need a few last minute odds and ends (bottle liners, etc.). We happened to be walking down the "personals" aisle heading to another section when Sydney pulled off two giant packages of pads and yelled, "Here, Mom! These are for you! They are for your butt!" Um...hello? When did my child obtain such an education. Obviously she has seen such items in my bathroom, fairly recently with the delivery of Nathan, but...who knew? They really don't miss a trick do they? It actually scares me. Just when you think they aren't listening or are not paying attention, think again!

With that, I'm off. I hope you have a great night.


100 Percent Cottam said...

they're for your butt!!! i love it! sounds like a great day. i can't believe it's already been a month! that went by fast for me... :)

Courtney said...

Gotta love kids. Glad to hear you are doing pretty well.

rachd said...

LOL! That Syd! Kids are going to be the death of us I think. :oP

Yay on rejoining the land of the living! New babies can be so tough on our bodies and schedules...

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Hee that is great! Hope no one was within an earshot :)

Way to be productive! (And wow, were you!:)

allie said...

That is crazy productivity! Good for you. Syd is too funny, I love it! You've inspired me to not be lazy this weekend :)