Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Sparklies On My Teeth, Mom!"

Sydney had a visit at school yesterday from a local dentist. They talked about visiting the dentist and brushing your teeth until they "sparkle."

Sydney came home last night with her little dentist treat bag and immediately wanted to open her toothpaste and string the entire kitchen with floss. She was thrilled to share and line up pieces of floss for me and Nathan. Hmm..we've been brushing teeth for quite some time and I've never seen her so excited.

After dinner, Sydney marched upstairs and proceeded to squirt toothpaste all over her new toothbrush (and the counter, toilet paper holder and faucet) and her task began. She was scrubbing for a good five minutes until I asked her if she was going to be done any time soon. Then, I got the hand on the hip and in her "duh" voice, "I'm trying to get sparklies on my teeth, Mom!" I couldn't help but laugh at that.

I finally coaxed her to bed, but had the same issue this morning. I wanted her to hurry and finish or we would be late for school. I knew that telling her that "sparklies" wouldn't appear wouldn't do the trick and would just kill her excitement. So, I told her I thought I saw them and that she should go to school and show her friends. YAY! It worked.

So, thank you Ashburn Children's Dentistry for making brushing, a previously dull task, exciting!


Rach said...

Hm, maybe they'd like to come and talk to Lil about teeth sparklies??

Too funny! :o)

Jess said...

That is hysterical!

We tell Ella that she will have "witch teeth" if she doesn't brush well and the other night I was out and my mom put her to bed and my mom said 15 minutes after she went down she began shrieking, "I'm going to have witch teeth, help me, help me, we forgot to brush!"


Courtney said...

That is too cute & I'm sure there were sparklies!

Angela said...

now you need to get that mouth wash that turns the teeth blue or something and then she can brush and make them sarklie white again.

Very cute

Cheffie-Mom said...

Too funny! Have you heard of the mouth wash that turns your teeth blue, showing where the plaque is? They have the coolest stuff these days!